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Find Family Time by Pulling the Plug!

About a year ago, we got rid of our old TV and set up a home projector system. With the change meant we didn’t have an easy way to setup our Wii anymore. This meant, my boys have spent a lot less time plugged in and a lot more time reading, playing together, or spending time outside. We have really enjoyed our new setup which still lets us enjoy a family movie together, but keeps a majority of the screen time as family time rather than an endless drone of TV and video games.

I received a copy of Unplug & Play book and compensation for this post. All opinions are my own. 

It’s amazing the difference an unplugged afternoon can mean for your family. Instead of fighting over what show to watch or the kids endlessly glued to the screen and ignoring anything you have to say – we instead find time to interact together which often in our home means playing games. I love to play games!

Unplug Play 09078

Unplug & Play is a new book perfect to helping you start conversations and enjoying time together. The book is laid out with a total of 50 different games you can play where the most you’ll need is paper and a pen or pencil. All tech is banned from the games!

I was surprised by the creativity behind the games and how many different spins on a classic type of game like “Scattergories” the author was able to create to make completely different games that sound really fun and interesting to try! One of the first things talked about in the book is that you should make the games your own and feel free to throw out your own rules and variations to suit your own group. We always end up making up our own rules to try off of base games we play, so I loved that the author freely encourages you to do just that!

Unplug Play 09079

The book is a slim, lightweight, and portable manual to fun which makes it perfect to pack in your suitcase or take along with you on the road so you can have fun even when away from home. I’m the type that’s always trying to come up with twists on games and different ways to play my favorites. Sometimes, my husband and I will just start making up random games as we drive like naming words around a theme alternating down the alphabet. It’s always really funny to see what the other comes up with for the harder letters like J, Q, and Z. I love that playing games gets us talking and having a great time together and can also help build our vocabulary and stretch our way of thinking!

When you’re looking for a fun way to connect with your friends or family, without technology taking over, check out the book Unplug & Play!

How do you connect with your family without technology?


Sunday 7th of September 2014

This looks like such a fun book. I'm always looking for new ideas with my family, looks like a great resource!

Ann BAcciaglia

Sunday 7th of September 2014

Unplugging now and then is a great idea. My dd and I put away our cells yesterday and it was fun to sit and chat for the afternoon. My kids are teens so unplugging is tough for them.

Jenna Wood

Sunday 7th of September 2014

I love how easy this is to pack up and go! I bet everyone in our family would really love to dig into these challenges and games.


Saturday 6th of September 2014

I love this - we routinely unplug, but we haven't let our 7 yr old get too caught up online yet, so it's easier.

Ashley - Embracing Grace

Saturday 6th of September 2014

I think it's so important to be able to pull away from technology from time to time. Tonight we went bowling and had a blast! We need to make it a habit to leave technology behind more often.

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