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Making your own Indoor Greenhouse Box

DIY Indoor Greenhouse



These are now ready to go outside after less than 2 weeks.


To start with you will need empty muffin containers, or any other packaging that is similar in shape.

It can just be flat on the bottom, does not need the individual spots.


You can also use the other type of coffee filters if you have them.  I just use what I have.  With this type I need to shorten them, so You will need to fold them like above picture shows.


Then I put a staple so it would hold its shape better.  If your child is old enough, they can do all these steps.


When your containers are full of empty filters, you then will need to put some potting soil in them.


You will only want to fill them half full, so you have room for more dirt to cover the seeds once they are in place.


We used the previously sprouted seeds.  You can use dry seeds if you like, but the process will take another couple days to reach the results that we have here.  We focused on counting as the children placed the seeds into the dirt.  Also, I tried to get them to place the seeds in a triangle, so in their minds, that shape registers as three automatically.


Once they have the seeds in the dirt, you cover the seeds with a thin additional layer, just enough to cover. Water a couple tablespoons on each filter then close the lids and set in a sunny window.


You should check and see what is happening each day.  The children love this process.  If you see mold growing, just pinch it with your fingers and clear it away.  This picture is taken only two days after planting the sprouted seeds in this Greenhouse Box.


Once they start to get leaves you want to leave the lid open so they can continue to grow. This is only 2 days later than the last.  You might want to turn the Greenhouse box around so the plants grow straight. They will want to grow towards the light.  Make sure to check for water.  If they are dry, they will need to be watered.


This is just 2 days later.  I am now going to set them outside in a protected place, so that the cold wind does not kill them, but they can get use to the cooler weather before I place them into the garden outside.

You can easily grow your outdoor food in planters.  I hope you will give this a try.

Live life to the fullest everyday.


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Wednesday 2nd of July 2014

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