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Tips for first time Cruisers

Cruising can be one of the best vacations you have ever been on if you know some of the downfalls in advance.  That is why I am writing this post.  For all of you first time cruisers, beware and pay attention.  If you take heed, these tips can save you money and heart ache.  Then I would say, Have a great vacation.

Alaska Cruise 2013 007

This is the view from our cabin going to Alaska.  Can you name this City. 🙂

Tips for first time Cruisers

  • If you get an inside cabin, make sure you take a lighted alarm clock.  These cabins are pitch black inside.  This makes it very nice for sleeping, but you might just keep on sleeping and miss out on some of the adventures you really wanted to do.  I have known people to get on the ship, be so tired they laid down to take a nap, and not wake up until the next afternoon. Yes that is correct 28 hours of sleep
  • Soda and Bottled water cost money on the ship.  If you don’t want to pay for it, make sure that you check with the cruise line before boarding.  Some of them will allow you to bring a certain amount of your own product.  Their is one cruise line that will let you take a 12 pack of soda and a flat of bottled water.  They each have their own standards so make sure you check it out.  This tip can save you big money.
  • Take a watch, or a time piece of some sort.  There are many opportunities to go to shows and activity’s, but not many clocks on board.  It is very easy to get lost in time while out to sea.  Read your daily schedules and pay attention to the time if you really want to do something, or you will miss it.  Getting back to the boat on time is also very important, a good reason to watch the clock when on shore excursions.
  • Speaking of shore excursions.  Check them out on line before you leave for your cruise.  Often times they are all booked up if you wait till you get on the boat to decide.  If there is something you know you are really going to want to do.  Book it ahead of time, then you know it is yours to do.  If you are not sure what you might want to do, waiting until you get off the ship can sometimes be a lot less expensive.  There are many times when it will cost a lot less.  For instance.  We booked a trip out to see the glacier in Juno Alaska from the ship. I think it was 35 or 49 dollars each.  If we had waited and gone into town.  There was a local bus that cost 8 dollars each way to go to the same place and do the same things.  Just an example.
  • Take along simple medications.  Seasick patches, aspirin, Pepito bismol for stomach issues.  If you eat something and you start having loose stool, and you go to the ship and ask for something to help with this issue, they just might put you on room lock down.  They can’t take the risk of it being the flu so you might be quarantined.  This has happened to family members of mine.  Not a fun way to spend your cruise over an upset bowel issue.
  • Bring along something really nice to wear. There are lots of opportunities to dress up, if you want to.
  • Last of all, know that they really are not suppose to tell you NO.  If you are wanting something a little different or specially made.  Like I would like a dish of fresh berries.  They would tell me in every way they could that I could not have them, but when I asked them if they were telling me no, they went and got them for me.  This cruise is about you, so make it about you and enjoy yourself.

Alaska Cruise 2013 205

I hope that if you try some of these tips it saves you from some of the downfalls I have had, or seen other people have to deal with.  Hope you are able to have a great Vacation.  Let me know where you go.  Granny

Denise Taylor-Dennis

Sunday 14th of July 2013

I would love to go on a cruise one day. I have Pin this for future reference, I know these tips will come in handy.

Dana Rodriguez

Friday 12th of July 2013

I have always wanted to go on a cruise!I love your tips especially the last one..that is awesome LOL!Thanks for sharing :)

June S.

Friday 12th of July 2013

I would love to take a cruise some day with my husband, but lately their track record is not so good, Many problems happening on these cruise ships. So sad for people that look forward to these trips for along time.

Sandy Cain

Friday 12th of July 2013

How I would love to take a cruise! It seems like the height of luxury. So far, no cruise yet, though - but I've been on the Staten Island Ferry - does that count?

Kimberly M.

Thursday 11th of July 2013

I was so thankful on my first cruise that I did not get sick at all from being on the ocean. I didn't have to use any kind of patch, band, or anything. It was absolutely the vacation of all vacations. I was pampered and I loved it. Of course I did gain 7 pounds but we did alot of walking and did work out in their gym or I would have gained more because the food was fabulous. Take the stairs instead of the elevator to keep the weight off. LOL

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