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Whitefish, Montana – Day Trip Guide

Whitefish, Montana is a great destination for nearby residents to visit as a staycation destination or to visit along your summer road trip. We stopped and spent a day here enjoying the summer mountain activities on our family trip this year and we had a fabulous time.

Ski Whitefish Mountain Resort


Whitefish Mountain

Whitefish Mountain Ski LiftWe started our visit at Whitefish Mountain by riding up the ski lift to reach the alpine slides. Those over 48” can ride by themselves or you can take younger children along with an adult for no extra charge. The alpine slides were really fun! You hop onto a little cart where you control your acceleration and braking as you head down the slides path. My four year old especially loved the slides. He held up his arms the whole ride and exclaimed “that was awesome” at the end of his ride!

Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort Alpine Slide

After a ride on the Alpine slides, my husband and I headed over to a Zip Line tour while our kids headed onto a gondola ride with their grandparents. They had a great time on the gondola ride and thought it was really fun to go in what they called a “train car.”

Zipline Tour in Whitefish Montana

The Zip Line tour was an absolute blast! It was my first time to go on a zip line and I really enjoyed them! We went on a short line first to practice the positions and get a bit more comfortable with our gear. Then, the real fun began. We went on the 7-zipline tour including one that was about 1900’. I loved flying through the trees and looking out as I zipped right past the treetops. The gorgeous mountain covered with trees and overlooking the valley could be seen from where we would zip line giving us an absolutely beautiful view!


Ciao Mambo

After a day on the mountain, we went to dinner at a local Whitefish restaurant, Ciao Mambo. We received a recommendation that this restaurant was very family friendly and delicious. We couldn’t have been more pleased with our experience. We were seated in a really neat room that is often used for private parties or large groups.

Ciao Mambo Italian Restaurant in Whitefish

Ciao Mambo is an Italian eatery and their menu features some really unique options I have never seen before. One of the appetizers I saw pass by to a table and it looked so interesting we had to order it. Their Nachos de Italiana appetizer they fry lasagna noodles and top them with a spicy sausage and a creamy sauce a bit similar to an alfredo sauce but thinner and with awesome seasonings to it. The appetizer was unlike anything I had ever tried before. The first bite, I wasn’t so sure but after the second or third bite I was hooked. The nachos were absolutely delicious even my two year old was hooked and goggled down his “chips.”

For our main course, we ordered their Montanara pizza which combined a spicy Italian sausage with a variety of bell peppers. The thin crust and combination of ingredients was delicious! We absolutely loved their pizza!  Complimentary bread is served just before the main course is delivered with fresh garlic on the top that is really good. We absolutely loved everything we tried. I absolutely recommend Ciao Mambo.


Whitefish RV Park

If you plan to travel with an RV, the Whitefish RV park is located right among the convenience of shops and restaurants in Whitefish. It isn’t loud like you might think as the park is tucked behind the stores in an area that has remained wooded giving you trees and grass for a comfy stay. The lots are pretty close together with not a lot of room to roam but the location can’t be beat.

To find more fun things to do around Whitefish, Montana and activities at Glacier National Park, visit the Western Montanta Tourism site at

Disclosure: I received complimentary attractions on Whitefish Mountain and a one night stay at Whitefish RV park in exchange for this post. The opinions express above are my own.

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice

Monday 16th of June 2014

Beautiful country up there. I used to live 50 miles north of Whitefish. I appreciate that it hasn't gotten too popular :) like so many ski resorts!

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