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Simple Hairstyles: Side Braid

Here in Arizona it’s nearly always hot. When my hair is long, I am always looking for ways to wear it down but not have it feeling hot and heavy. Wearing my hair down in a side braid is the perfect solution for a fun style that is easy enough to be among lists for simple hairstyles for women.

Simple Hairstyles Side Braid

How to Create a Side Braid

For this hairstyle, you will need long hair that goes past your shoulder. There are lots of cute styles with braids for shorter hair, but since this braid is meant to lay on your shoulder, you’ll need longer hair to achieve this style. I like to start with my hair just slightly damp. Create the part you would like. I prefer a side part that works with my bangs well and evens out the bulk of the hair being on one side.

A side part for creating a side braid hair style

Brush your hair to make sure it is straight brushing it to where you would like your hair to lie. You can brush towards either shoulder. Also be sure to brush any hair past the part back as well. I will usually have a part until about 1/3 of the way back from the top of my head, and then brush the rest backward. Below, you can see the straight part is my actual part, the rest will be brushed backward right before I begin to braid as my hair naturally wants to lay in a part. You want all of your hair to be resting on one shoulder.

How to braid a side ponytail

I start my braid right at the base of my head making sure the rest of the hair rests nicely. Section your hair into three main chunks. They don’t have to be perfectly even, in fact different sizes can give some interest to the braid. Braid your hair by holding and pulling the braid down the side of your head towards your shoulder so it will naturally rest on the front of your shoulder. Continue to braid until you have just a few inches left then tie a hair tie to secure the braid.

If you have long sweeping bangs, pulling your bangs to the opposite side of your braid can help to balance your hairstyle and make your braid look great!

Simple Hair Styles: Side Braid

I love this hairstyle! It’s lightweight, simple to do, and makes me feel done up with literally no effort! If you have soft hair that tends to easily fall out of a braid, you may start with a bit of product in your hair or finish your style with a few sprays of hair spray to help keep your strands in place.

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Friday 27th of June 2014

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