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Switch & Go Dinos Jagger the T-Rex Review

We had the opportunity to test out the coolest new dinosaur from the Switch & Go line of toys from VTech Kids. We already had a few from a previous Switch & Go Dinos review and my boys still play with those dinosaurs all the time so I was thrilled to see what’s new with the product line. My son will be turning 3 in just a couple of weeks so I planned to stash these dinos aside and let him open them up for his birthday. But, of course, that meant he found them and excitedly told me all about them before I could tuck the box away into my closet. He has been playing with his dinos every day since!

Switch & Go Dinos Review Jagger

This dinosaur is Jagger the T-Rex. My son loves playing with him in dinosaur mode best. He has lot of interactive ways to play with him including a drill that launches (always a favorite), a crane/tail that can wind up and pull the included smaller dino/bulldozer and cage, a button to change the dinosaur eyes or driver, even pull the T-Rex tail and Jagger will open his jaw and take a bite! Jagger the T-Rex is also equipped with voice recognition technology. You can say, “Hello T-Rex” and he will recognize your talking and be ready for you to reply with one of the 12 voice command phrases for each mode. There is also a command button that can be pushed and Jagger will prompt you to remind you some of the voice commands that you can repeat back and see him react.

VTech Switch and Go Dinos Review

Our favorites included, “Snack Time”, “Make me laugh”, “Fire the Drill” and “Go Forward” commands. Some of the commands will cause Jagger to actually move, driving the crane backward or preparing to race or maybe walking forward as a T-Rex. Others of the actions will prompt a talking reply with interesting facts, a silly joke, or even a funny animal sound that clearly doesn’t belong to a T-Rex! The variety of commands and actions keeps him interesting and makes it a lot of fun to play with.

Check out my son playing and interacting with Jagger the T-Rex to see how cool this dino really is! Plus, my son shows off his Dino Roar!

The Switch & Go Dinos line also introduced new smaller dinos including Stompsalot the hot rod (pictured below), Torr an off-road vehicle, Akuna a Motorcycle and Quiver a racecar and a few others. I was really impressed to see my nearly 3 year old be able to switch Stompsalot from a car to a dinosaur and back again with me only showing him how to do it twice! He loves that he can do it himself and has tons of imaginative play between using Stompsalot as a “racecar” and a dinosaur.

Switch & Go Dinos Review

We are huge fans of the VTech Switch & Go Dinos line of toys in our home. All four of my boys are really drawn to the dinosaurs and love to play with the toys together. They are very high quality and built to last, even with daily use. They provide a variety of ways to interact with kids teaching them facts about the dinosaurs and making the kids laugh, talk, and imagine. Jagger the T-Rex makes the interaction and fun even better with the ability to respond to my kids as they talk to him. They LOVE that!

I received Switch & Go Dinos from VTech in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.