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Family RV Trip Memories

I have really fond memories of family RV trips growing up. We had a truck camper style RV that went up and over the bed of the truck. Times were different back then so I remember all of us kids, I am number 3 of 6 kids, riding in the RV while we traveled to our destination. I loved hanging out in the enormous bed over the cab of the truck and reading books, coloring, napping, and playing games while we traveled. I also remember so many funny memories of our times on the road that we still talk about to this day – about 20 years later! My younger brother was a major flirt from a very young age and on one of our trips I distinctly remember him at about the age of 7 flirting with all the young girls in the different cars we would pass on the road. One girl in particular we stayed close by their family car for a few hours along the road and we wrote big messages that we held up to the windows to talk back and forth between our RVs. We never saw the girl again after that day, of course, but it still has stuck out in my memory to this day because my brother is still just like! I also remember endless hours or playing the “War” card game or Skip-Bo along our route.

We would always travel out to the sand dunes and take along motorcycles and spend a long weekend or so out camping. My grandparents would follow along and come with us. They would always cook us pancakes for breakfast and they were always SO good! This is another one of our memories that we are always talking about, how we need to take another RV trip just for his pancakes! My husband shared his experiences growing up and taking family vacations starting in Washington and making their way through Idaho, Montana and on to Wyoming to visit their grandparents. They had so many cool stops planned along their route including a trip to Yellowstone.

As our kids have grown, vacationing has become a lot more stressful. It’s difficult and really expensive to plan a trip when you have to consider airplane tickets for four kids, rental cars, hotel room large enough to fit us all, and the nightmare of trying to get everything through the airport. The first and last whole day of the vacation are completely lost on the stress of the airport and just trying to get to the destination. In an RV, all the time spent traveling is part of the adventure and fun of the trip. You can take a laid back approach and make stops at cool attractions all along your route and only drive as much as you can handle in a day.

We decided it was time to start building the same type of great memories with our family. We ended up purchasing a towable RV this month and we are planning a six-week long vacation with our boys for this summer! I am so excited to take a step back from the busy day-to-day life we live in and slow things down a bit with my family! My husband actually already took our RV out just this past weekend on a Fathers and Sons camp-out and they had a great time!


There are so many benefits of traveling with an RV like having a bathroom with you wherever you go. With a 2.5 year old in tow this is so helpful! You just get to travel with your own space knowing you have all that you need and a familiar place to sleep each night rather then trying to unload and then pack back up your hotel during your vacation. RVs are also so nice because you have your own full kitchen so you can cook and eat more like you would at home saving you tons of money over eating at restaurants during your trip and keeping you healthier, too. is a website that can help you find what type of RV might be right for you as well as tons of other information to get you started. Plus, to get you started on your own RV trip, check out my Printable RV Packing Checklist!

Did your family have an RV growing up? What is your favorite or funniest memory from past RV trips?

 This conversation is brought to you by a sponsor. The opinions expressed above are my own. Participation in this campaign in no way compensated me or encouraged me to purchase an RV, our past memories did that all on their own.


Monday 27th of May 2013

I'm pumped to do an RV trip but not sure how my little man would handle it. Think this is such a great way to travel and save quite a bit, right?


Thursday 23rd of May 2013

I've never traveled in an RV but it looks like fun. I still think I'd eat out though which makes a big cost difference.


Thursday 23rd of May 2013

I remember being young and traveling in the RV for roadtrips with the family. Looks like your family is having a blast with it!

Stefani Tolson

Thursday 23rd of May 2013

I have always wanted an RV. I would love to have one so we could travel.


Wednesday 22nd of May 2013

How wonderful ! I'd love to go RVing sometime! I can't wait to hear about all of your new adventures :)

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