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Potty Training with Kandoo

I received Kandoo products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Warning: Potty Talk Ahead

Potty training is a daunting task. I know that some people have it really easy and their kids essentially potty train themselves. But for most parents, easy the easily trained kids have an adjustment period where they have to figure everything out.

My son picked up on potty training pretty quickly, we thought. The first week was awesome. He had a few accidents the first two days and since then he hasn’t had one, still to this day and it has been about 8 months. While he may not have been having accidents he also was not going #2 in the potty. He would hold it forever. We tried EVERYTHING. His pediatrician just told us he would figure it out. And you know what, he finally did. One day he just decided he was fine with going.

photo 3

One thing we have found makes it a more favorable experience for him is to use a wet wipe after, to clean up. At first he just wanted baby wipes, but they are not really convenient to use on the potty. Thank goodness for Kandoo flushable wipes! These wipes clean 30% better than dry toilet paper. They are moistened with lotion making them much softer than toilet paper as well, this is the feature my son loves. He likes, “The wipes that are softer please.” They come in this super easy to use pop up box and are flushable! Perfect.


Kandoo also makes soap and sanitizer. My son loves this bright green soap, the first time he used it, it gave him the giggles. The bright color makes it easy to see when your hands are covered and it smells like watermelon candy. Both the soap and sanitizer are a foaming formula that makes it easy to keep on little hands. The gels always seem to slide right off!

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Kandoo made potty training more pleasant and more importantly more independent with their products. My son can do everything on his own. Thank goodness for no more distressed help calls from the bathroom! Find a store that carries Kandoo products near you by visiting their website. You can also find them here. Prices vary depending on product and size you choose.