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CVS Total Home Review

During our summer RV road trip, we brought along with us the samples we received from the CVS Total Home line. I was thrilled to see the quality of the products they have all at very reasonable price points. Since we would be camping for a month, we needed to pack a bit of consumable products like paper towels, disposable cups, garbage bags, and other goods.

CVS Total Home Review

Our RV Trip Essentials

My favorite of the products we tested was their scented trash bags. They are 13 gallon size so they fit our standard trash can. The bags are really strong and sturdy, we haven’t had a single leak or issue. They have a built in drawstring closure to contain your trash when you take it out to your trash bin. I really appreciate that the bags are lightly scented. The scent isn’t strong or overpowering but just helps to combat the smell of the trash keeping our trailer smelling fresh which was really important in such a small living space.

We took along with us CVS Total Home gallon zipper bags and I was surprised how frequently we needed them. We ended up using them for just about everything. We really were very happy with all their essential items that help to restock your home. With kids starting back to school this fall be sure to visit CVS and see how their Total Home line of products can help your family restock your supplies. You can find the CVS Total Home line of products as your local CVS Pharmacy.


I received product samples from the CVS Total Home line in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed above are my own. Any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.