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8 New Baby & Toddler Faves!

Just the other day my friend and I were talking about how cool baby gadgets have become. There are so many practical and fashionable baby products I totally wish I would have had as first time mom. Today, we’re breaking down our new baby and toddler favorites; everything from nursery essentials to fun first toys.

We received a variety of samples in exchange for this post. All opinions are our own. 

8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! Faves


Nursery Essentials

8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! RU 5

My kids are literally the lightest sleepers I know. When checking on them before I head to bed, the second I crack the door open, they sit up straight in their beds. However, the past few weeks, we started turning on this Sound + Sleep: SE machine when they go to bed, and they’ve been sleeping so much deeper. The coolest part about this white noise machine is that is has SO many white noise options to choose from. I prefer your typical white noise sound, but my son can’t fall asleep unless his Sound + Sleep SE is on the “meditation” sound. Another cool feature that really sets this Sound + Sleep SE machine apart is its ability to both charge electronics (it comes equipped with 2 USB ports) and play music (by hooking up a device to its audio input). So many cool features perfect for providing the whole family a sound night sleep.


8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! RU 6

A few months ago, my daughter was having a really rough time sleeping through the night; she was tossing and turning all night long. The thought occurred to me that maybe her mattress wasn’t very comfortable. We went through a few crib mattresses until we found this Stitch and Cradle Natural Foam Mattress. Ever since she started sleeping on this beauty, I haven’t heard a peep from her at night. In fact, she begs me to go down for her naps. One thing that I love about this crib mattress is that it is extremely safe – it’s designed to help prevent the risk of SIDS. Its high density foam prevents sagging and still allows breathability which helps maximize airflow. I also love that it comes with a mattress pad. I feel like my daughter gets super wet diapers during the night, so using the mattress cover, I don’t have to worry about fluid leaking onto the mattress. In a few weeks, we plan on moving my daughter to a toddler bed, and you better believe this Stitch and Cradle Natural Foam Mattress is coming with us! We’re so happy that this Stitch and Cradle Natural Foam Mattress has helped my daughter sleep peacefully at night.


Must-Haves for Newborns

8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! ABIIE

Life with multiple kids means that you’re going to run out of hands; everyone always seems to need something at the exact same time. That’s why the Abiie Huggs Seat Carrier is a total lifesaver. I’ve found that wearing my baby totally frees up my hands and helps to me accomplish more throughout my day. When my first baby was born, I’d wear him in a baby carrier for a few hours each day. The only problem with my old carrier was that my lower back and shoulders would ache every time I’d put the carrier on. That’s why I love this Abbie Huggs Seat Carrier. Because of the carrier’s weight distribution, I don’t feel the strain in my lower back and shoulders. I also love the fact that my baby can face either inward or outward, I can wear her on my back, or hip – all while keeping my little one close.  This is also the first carrier I’ve owned that keeps my baby in a healthy seated position: Frog-leg or M-position. But let’s be honest, my absolute favorite feature is the fact that my baby can enjoy the Abiie Huggs Seat Carrier for up to 36 months! That means hiking, trips to the store, and walks are SO much easier.


8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! Fall Fashion RU 05427

Kids are tough on things, and Babiators knows this. That’s why they created the stylish and very durable sunglasses designed to take on even the roughest of kids. The soft and flexible glasses provide 100% UV protection for your children’s sensitive eyes. I was so impressed with the Babiators glasses that are sized to fit great and really put up with the abuse kids can hand out. With sizing for 0-2, 3-5, and 6+ you know you’re going to get a fit that actually works for your child’s current size. These are the first glasses my almost 3 year old actually keeps on! What’s really cool is Babiators offers a 1-year lost or broken guarantee! Just register your new Babiators and if they are lost or broken within a year from your purchase they’ll send you a free replacement, you’ll just cover shipping. Head over to see all the darling styles at


Fun First Toys

8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! RU 3

Some of my children’s favorite toys are the ones that they can use for both imaginary play and snuggle in bed with at night. That’s why these Pebbles by Kahiniwalla toys are absolute favorites at our house. Handmade by women in Bangladesh, these 100% cotton yarn Pebbles by Kahiniwalla toys are perfect for children of all ages. Although there are so many different characters to choose from, two of my personal favorites include this Storytime Mermaid and Gecko. I also adore their blankets and mobiles. These unique toys are extremely well made and so soft to the touch. Bringing a smile to my children’s faces, I have a feeling my kids will love these special toys forever.


8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! RU 1

I love watching my children use their imaginations. Every afternoon, we all go downstairs and spend the afternoon playing and pretending. Ever since we added the Antsy Pants Build & Play Kit to playtime, my kids have been in absolute heaven. Using our large Build & Play Kit, I set out on the adventure to build this Pirate Ship. Not being very handy, I was a little worried that I would have no idea how to put it together. However, I was proved wrong. From start to finish, I was able to build this Pirate Ship in under 30 minutes. My kids absolutely love playing pirates, and steering the ship. Whenever we have friends over, the Antsy Pants Build & Play Kit is an instant favorite. I love how easily I can set it up and take it down. I also love that I can use the same kit to build a variety of other imaginative structures – vehicles, a mini market, tent, playhouse, etc. Talk about a fun way to let a child’s imagination soar.


Mommy & Me Styles

8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! Midnight Palm3

Matching your little one can be so much fun. You can now take that Mommy & Me style to the pool or beach with Snapper Rock coordinating swimwear. We’re coordinating with our 3 year old with matching Snapper Rock Midnight Palm Boardies and Womens Navy/Waiheke Stripe Leggings with coordinating rash tops to keep us protected from harmful UV rays. My son loves pointing out all the hanging hammocks on my husband’s boardies, and showing off how he’s matching. I’m in love with the coverage and style of the swim leggings. They are so comfortable to wear and help me feel covered, confident, and avoid getting burned! I’ve paired it with the Womens Capri Short Sleeve Rash Top which has a cute zipper detail and is so comfortable. Check out all the styles that Snapper Rock offers including all their family coordinating swimwear!


8 New Baby & Toddler Faves! Fall Fashion RU 05416

It’s time to treat your feet with the comfort and benefits of wool! Giesswein offers an assortment of wool footwear including their brand new Merino Runners! You might picture wool as the stuff wool coats or thick wool blankets, but wool is actually a lightweight material that has incredible benefits including moisture-wicking and breathable qualities that make it a perfect material for shoes. They provide a flexible, comfortable outer material that can form and flex to your foot shape and regulate the temperature of your feet. I wore the Merino Runners all day walking around theme parks and they stayed comfortable throughout the trip. Give your kids the same comfort level with slip-on wool shoes that are itch-free and weather regulating qualities.


Which of these baby faves are you adding to your wish list? 

Katherine King

Friday 20th of October 2017

The pirate ship looking amazing I would love that for my little one.

Kelly Mahan

Friday 20th of October 2017

These are great! I have a friend who just became a mom and she's gonna love this post. Thank you!

Nancy at Whispered Inspirations

Thursday 19th of October 2017

I like the sound machine to get the littles to drift off comfortably to sleep. I know many of people who need a fan to fall asleep, even in the winter!


Thursday 19th of October 2017

It's amazing how quickly the baby market moves. In just a few years, I feel a little out of the loop with products. These all sound like great items to add to a registry.


Thursday 19th of October 2017

Boy things have changed since I was having babies. Cool gadgets.

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