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No Mess Bib

I received Toppy Toddlers No-mess Bib set in compensation for this post. The views expressed are my own. 

Having a toddler around the house, mealtime can be pretty messy! Because my son prefers to feed himself, we usually end up with food covering the table, floor, chairs, etc.  A few weeks ago, we gave my son spaghetti. As you can tell, noodles ended up EVERYWHERE; including a few stragglers on the wall. Although it may feel that mealtime messes are inevitable, having a good bib makes all the difference.


Created by a father who understands messy mealtimes, Toppy Toddler No-Mess Bibs provide the perfect solution for keeping your dining room and children clean during meals. Made to protect the neck and chest from spills, the No-mess Bib also features a handy food catcher pocket keeping food from falling into your child’s lap. As a parent, I also enjoy using the place-mat to protect my dining room table and chairs. Easily cleansed with a wet rag, there’s no need to wash the No-mess Bib in the laundry. However, it is machine washable, if you choose to throw it in the washer. With a cut-out perfectly placed for suction bowls and plates, you won’t have to worry about your little one creating an added mess by throwing dinnerware. Every parent deserves to have their child use Toppy Toddler No-Mess Bibs.


Before using Toppy Toddler No-Mess Bibs, I felt like I was continually washing my son’s bibs; this meant we quickly ran out of bibs. Toppy Toddler No-Mess Bibs are SO convient, stylish, clean easily, and ingenious. Not only does the No-Mess Bib protect my son and his clothing, but my dining room furniture has never looked cleaner. I love that by simply wiping my son’s bib after mealtime, the mess is gone and I am assured a bib for his next meal. By using Toppy Toddler No-Mess Bib, I allow my son to develop his fine motor skills through feeding himself without having to worry about damage to his clothing and furniture. Talk about a win-win product!

No mess bib

To make Toppy Toddler No-Mess Bib ($9.39 for 4 utensils, bib, and place-mat) part of your mealtime experience, visit