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Cinco de Mayo Lunch Box Ideas

Cinco de Mayo probably conjures visions of maracas, sombreros, bull fighters, and bright colors. If you are struggling to make your child a Cinco de Mayo themed lunch, though, you may be at a loss as to what to do. These simple and delicious ideas can help you make a themed lunch that is worthy of some praise.

Cinco de Mayo Lunch Box Ideas

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Cinco de Mayo Lunch Box Ideas

Sombrero Sandwich – Cut your child’s favorite sandwich into the shape of a sombrero and decorate the outside with colorful fruits or vegetables diced up. Sombreros are bright and festive, so use cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, and other brightly colored foods to make it look like a fun hat. If your child won’t eat fruits or vegetables, try decorating it with food coloring.

Avocado Salad – Avocado is known for its use in Mexican dishes, so make an avocado salad out of spinach, avocado slices, grape tomatoes, corn, and black beans. Place it all in a mini-taco salad shell to add to the Mexican food theme and to give your child something additional to eat.


Maraca Pretzels – Take two long stick pretzels and place large raisins on one end of each to make maracas, lay them like an “X” in the bowl or container so that you can see what they’re supposed to represent. You can even add little decorations to them with melted chocolate or yogurt.

Mini-pinata – For a treat, make a miniature piñata by filling a silicone cupcake liner with tissue paper cut into thin strips. Use a variety of colored tissue paper to add to the colorful flair of Cinco de Mayo. You’ll just need a tiny strip off of each piece you use, so the rest of the paper won’t go to waste and can be used for presents later. Fill the cup with gummy fruit snacks or a small toy.

What would you add to a Cinco de Mayo Lunch Box?