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Clay Bake Shapes Kids Activity

I received Mrs. Meyers product and supplies in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Don’t you love a good messy craft project with you kiddos? Ha. I know many of you are laughing at that sentence, but truly I love a good messy project. But when I let loose and give my kids some creative control, I am quickly reminded of just how much kids need to feed their creativity. I love to watch them grow and explore, even if it means spilled paint or sticky fingers! They always seem to walk away happy and with a new found confidence.

clay bake shapesclay bake shapes Even though I love a good messy project, doesn’t mean I love the actual mess. The key is easy clean up! Luckily with Mrs. Meyers Clean Day products even the clean up is easy! Just the other day me and my kids made these awesome Clay Bake Shapes. We had a blast. They were pretty simple to make, just using household items like salt, flour, water, and food coloring, my kids loved the project and the finished result. Need a good project idea? Download their activity book, here.

clay bake shapes

After we were done, the kids washed up using Mrs. Meyers Watermelon Foaming Hand soap $3.99. Which smells heavenly, not like candy watermelon but like actual watermelon! I sprayed some Countertop Spray $3.99on the table wiped all the salty residue of our clay right off. And then I tackled the casualty of the night.

Cleaning Stuff-10

Without thinking, I made the second batch in my favorite white bowl. As I scooped the dough from the bowl I realized that the food coloring had stained the bowl. I quickly threw it in some water and scrubbed with my sponge but nothing happened. Hoping for the best I squirted some Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap $3.99 in the bottom and filled it with really hot water. Then I let it sit while we finished rolling out the dough, cutting it, baking it and cleaning everything else up. I was so sad that I had ruined my favorite bowl! But, as I dumped the water out all the coloring came with it! I was shocked! Thank goodness for good dish soap! (See that clean bowl below!)

Cleaning Stuff-9

Mrs. Meyers wants you to inspire you to get dirty this spring! They want to see your family having fun and making messes together. Snap a photo while you are at it and enter it in their amazing photo contests! Until April 18th you can submit your messy kitchen memories for a chance to win a brand new suite of Viking brand kitchen appliances delivered and installed in your home. Then they will help you break in your brand new kitchen by throwing a dinner party catered by a local chef for you and up to 30 of your closest friends. More information on the contest here.