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5 Easy Last Minute Neighbor Gifts Under $5

Every year Christmas comes upon us fast! I always think “I’ll start early this year, have all my Christmas shopping done and wrapped before Thanksgiving so I can relax and enjoy the season without all the hustle and bustle.” 

However, every single year I am still trying to cross too many things off my to-do list the last week of Christmas. It gets frustrating trying to come up with a cute gift to give out to friends and neighbors (especially one that won’t break the bank).

Great gift ideas for your neighbors for the holidays #AD

We’ve come up with 5 great neighbor gifts that you can get LAST MINUTE and all are under $5 each!

If you need even MORE ideas, head over to see our round-up with 24 Christmas Neighbor Gift Ideas!

1. Fun Family Game Night

Everyone cherishes the time spent with family over the holidays. Why not share some fun games with your neighbors that they can do with their families? The local dollar store usually carries decks of cards, puzzles, and other simple games that could be included in your package.

They also always have popcorn bags or buckets to make the wrapping complete. Your friends will cherish the new fun and love putting together puzzles and playing cards with their loved ones this season.

2. Gift Wrap Help

How many times have you made a Christmas Eve run to the store to grab a few more rolls of wrapping paper? (one too many times for me). All your neighbors will love an extra roll and a package of bows. This will definitely be a gift put to good use (not stacked on the back counter with all the other treats they’ve received this month).

Plus, head over here to grab our wrapping paper neighbor gift printable tags!

3. Family Movie Night

With all the streaming that everyone has now, Christmas movies are EVERYWHERE and almost everyone has access to all of them! Why not spice up their Christmas Movie Night with all the fixings for the family?

A 2-Liter bottle of soda, a few microwave popcorn bags (or pre-popped popcorn), and a container or licorice or other family favorite candy will brighten up their Holidays while they watch Home Alone or A Christmas Story.

Include this cute Christmas Movies Bingo chart printable for even more fun!

4. Sparkling Celebrations

In our house, sparkling cider was something we had when we were celebrating. And, you NEVER drank sparkling cider out of regular cups, they had to be out of something fancy.

With a fun tag “We hope your Christmas is Festive and Sparkling”, their family will love sparkling cider and disposable FUN glasses. My kids would be in heaven with a neighbor gift like this!

5. Let Us Do The Dishes

Around the holidays, EVERYONE hates doing the dishes! Absolutely EVERYONE (trust me, I did a survey and it was 100%). Why not give your neighbors the night off from dishes with cute disposable plates, silverware and napkins. It’s a simple gift that will definitely be appreciated by children and adults alike!

Hopefully your gift giving this holiday season brings you more joy than stress with a few of our favorite last minute neighbor gift ideas. Happy Holidays!!

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