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Judy Moody Book Quiz Whiz Activities

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Judy Moody has books on the brain, all day long…all night long! as she and her fellow Virginia Dare Bookworms prepare for the BIGGEST Book Quiz Blowout! The Bookworms are reading some of every child’s favorite books and quizzing each other to be prepared to battle the Fake Mustache Defenders who have a 4TH GRADER (you heard right!) on their team!

Follow with Judy and her brother Stink as they prepare, stress, brain freeze and compete at the Book Quiz Blowout for the ultimate trophy of a light-up Book Quiz Wizard’s Cup for their school! See how well you would fare if you joined Judy Moody in the competition. Full of laughs, stress, and fun, keeping everyone turning pages as quickly as they can!

Our family LOVED Judy Moody Book Quiz Whiz and wanted to stretch out the book into some fun activities. We wanted to share with our wonderful readers some of the activities we extended the book into and would love to hear your ideas as well.

Stink’s Cape of Sticky Notes

Just like Stink, you can create a fun guessing game with Stink’s Cape of Sticky Notes. On the front of the post-it notes, write the book title and a question about the book, on the back, write the answer. The more variety of books, the more fun the game is. Take turns seeing how many things you remember from the many books your family/class has read!

Shrinky Dink Backpack Tags

Create your own fun shrinky-dink backpack tags like Mighty Fantastasky. Shrinky-dink paper is available on amazon, or at a local Michael’s Craft store.

Draw and color in your designs, bake them for a few minutes and you have some new awesomely unique reading charms for your backpack. Create a new charm for each book you read!!

Books! Books! Books! Bookmarks

Design your own bookmark to keep while you are working your way through Judy Moody’s Book Quiz Whiz and never lose your spot again! With the free printable, you can record your favorite books, or design books you want to read in the future! 

Click here to download this darling Bookmark!

Design an Edible Book Cover

Easy to create edible book covers-all you need is some graham crackers, frosting and various candies. Let your kids go wild with their favorite book covers. Not sure whether it is more fun designing or eating the book! Delicious creativity at its finest…

We’d love to hear some other ideas that you’ve come up with to extend Judy Moody Book Quiz Whiz and to hear how our fun extensions have worked for your family or classroom!

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