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Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be exciting and scary. Even now, during my 6th pregnancy, I question things that are going on in my body. I still have to look up what medication is safe to take, and what month I have to take this or that test.  I’m always hoping I’m doing everything I need to have a healthy baby. Here are a few tips to remember while you are keeping healthy during pregnancy!

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Keeping Healthy During Pregnancy


The first thing on the road to keeping healthy during pregnancy is finding the right provider for you. You need to select a doctor, or midwife, that hears and understand your concerns. You should also consider a doctor that has a open line of communication. Since I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum, it is important to me to have provider that understand that I have more than just normal morning sickness, and one that will effectively help me treat it. Once you select a provider, make sure you go to all your appointments. It’s important to have constant prenatal monitoring.

Keeping healthy during pregancy

16 Weeks pregnant


It’s important to remember during pregnancy, that you need to take care of your whole body…including your mind. You should find ways to keep as active as possible. Take short walks, or pick up a prenatal yoga tape. Also, take time to do things for yourself. Sometimes, especially during a difficult pregnancy, depression can set in. It’s important to go out with friends, get a massage or go on a date night. Depression can have negative effects on your body, so take time to make sure all of it is healthy.


During pregnancy, you are going to have a ton of questions. Having a place to talk about these questions, even the messiest of questions (since we all know that pregnancy can be messy) is wonderful. Having a place to ask the embarrassing questions, with complete anonymity is completely possible, thanks to Ola Health.

Ola Health is a free app (available on Google Play and iOS) that gives you access to an anonymous mobile health community, perfect for parents or expecting parents to share, ask and support each other both emotionally and practically. Ola Health gives you a place to share your experiences, receive answers, feedback and complete support from people just like you!

Ola Health is a super easy to use app, connecting you quickly to hundreds of people that can give you answers to questions or just listen to you vent. Sometimes just having a ear to listen, helps in so so many ways. Ola Health lets you talk to people near you, or across the country, with just a touch of your finger.

Ola Health

After downloading Ola Health, I found myself immersed in a world of support, humor and great questions and answers. People ask everything from acceptable medications during pregnancy, to dealing with a troubled child at home. I absolutely love the anonymity. I have a online support group for my HG, but it’s not anonymous at all, and people I know use it. I don’t often feel comfortable asking or sharing things of a private nature. With Ola Health you can feel completely safe asking a question, or sharing something you just need to get off your chest. No one will know it’s you!

You can download Ola Health from the Play Store or from iTunes and start connecting and getting healthy today.

How do you stay healthy during pregnancy?


Wednesday 13th of May 2015

Thank you so much for this post Christine! As a FTM, I had a lot of random questions regarding pregnancy (and not necessarily searchable on google). Per your suggestion, I downloaded Ola Health app, and I find it quite helpful and supportive. Very easy to post and share experiences with other mom-to-be's and parents! Thanks!!


Tuesday 12th of May 2015

thx Christine... i'm 12 weeks now and just dying to find out if there are others with the same symptoms like me. what your recommended really helped as i got warm support within hours.

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