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Post-Baby Body? What happens when you’re officially “done”?

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant with my fourth and this is hopefully our last! I’ve spent the entire 6.5 years that I have been married pregnant and nursing and will continue to do so until we hit the 8 year mark! We got pregnant our first month of marriage and have consistently had a baby every 2 years. I’m tired or pregnancy, tired of nursing and night feedings, and ready for the next stage in my life. I’m not positive that we are done, yet, but I am sure hopeful that when this little one arrives I will feel like my family is complete and can start anticipating the next phase of our lives! But, I worry about what a post-baby body will leave me with. I don’t think I have truly experienced a post-baby body yet since I’ve had about 6 total months without being pregnant or nursing over the past 6.5 years. So, ladies, what should I expect? Will I be left with wide hips that won’t ever go back in and a tiny chest? Are there any natural things that can be done to make your body look more before baby then post baby during postpartum?

Disclosure: Post brought to you by MKN. Opinions express above are my own.

mrs. bacon

Saturday 30th of June 2012

Janel, I don't know how fit you currently are so I am going to suggest something that I suggest to any mom. Start with walking in the pool while you are pregnant, it is the best workout handsdown. Next, once baby is here get to walking and find yourself some Spanx. They are a godsend post partum to help you stay supported as your body readjusts. Then, when you are cleared for it start swimming again if you have a pool to go to. Playgrounds are fantastic workout gyms. You can do alot with your kids such as calf raises and chin ups even the fake ones. I hope this helps. Mrs. Bacon

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