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Flower Power Infographic by ProFlowers

Have you ever received roses for Christmas? According to this fascinating infographic all about flowers – Christmas is the most popular calendar holiday to gift roses, surpassing both Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day! This surprises me as I haven’t ever really thought of flowers as a holiday gift but have receive flowers for both Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. A dozen roses would really make a beautiful gift to brighten up your loved ones home this holiday season. Check out this great infographic for more surprising facts and statistics:

Flower Power, Global Floral Commerce Infographic
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Thursday 6th of December 2012

My state (Oregon) is #3 on this list! How interesting!

Micaela P

Thursday 6th of December 2012

I love receiving flowers as gifts. It was very interesting to see all the information about it, and actually made me feel better about wanting flowers as gifts!


Thursday 6th of December 2012

How fascinating! I enjoyed reading the flower tidbits. Thanks for posting!

Julie Wood

Thursday 6th of December 2012

I thought this blog post was very interesting about Flower power! I like receiving roses and other flower arrangements! Also flowers are really nice to send to relatives that are far away! I liked learning about the history of the Roses Parade that they use 15 million stems last year! Wow! That is a lot of Roses!

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