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A House Full of Rowdy Dogs.. I mean Boys!

Some days raising 4 boys is like raising a pack of rowdy dogs! We wake up and they’re all barking and begging asking for breakfast. Then, it’s time to getting pulled around different directions while holding their leashes as I take the kids to school and activities. After school means it’s time to rough-house and crash through the house like wild dogs, running in a pack together to play.

Finally, as we settle in for the evening, one of their favorite nighttime rituals is hopping into the tub! It’s like puppies jumping into the river to grab a bone – splashes everywhere and lots of toys too. The important thing, though, is that they are getting clean and ready for the next day – while having fun!

Just look at these cute faces and try to tell me my crazy days aren’t worth it.

This conversation is sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own. 

Boys May 2014

As a busy mom, part of my job is sneaking in shopping trips to gather all of our household essentials. I love shopping at Walmart because I can find everything I need from diapers, groceries, and health and beauty products all in one stop. Plus, Walmart’s prices are always low to help me stretch our family budget without a ton of extra effort.

Suave has started an easy program (similar to old school rebates minus all the fuss) that rewards you for your purchases. Suave has products to help care for the entire family making it easy to earn rewards quickly. When you shop for Suave products for your family at Walmart, your purchases can be redeemed for points and then cashed out into Walmart e-Gift cards. Every $15 in purchases earns you a $5 eGift card!

The Suave Family Perks program is really easy to get started with. Signing up is free and takes just a few seconds to join. Then, you just snap and upload a picture of your Walmart receipt showing your purchase of Suave products and points will be credited to your account. When you have enough points saved up, you can cash out right from you account and your eGift card will be emailed to you – no waiting weeks on end for your rewards!

Suave Family Perks Walmart

Join the Suave Family Perks program now with the promo code MomsTakeSuave (for new members) and you’ll earn a bonus 25 points (equal to $2.50 in purchase so you’re ) to get you started!

How would you describe your household?