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Revenge of the Toddler!!!

So after church yesterday we came home and put a VERY tired–already fell asleep on the drive home–toddler down for a nap. He was very quite and finally came out of his room to which we find this lovely surprise — apparently he didn’t nap.. Yeah.. that’s all the stuff from like 5 drawers – baby stuff, diapers, sock drawer, all the baby clothes… I wanted to scream, laugh, and cry all at the same time!!! It took me like an hour to clean up this morning!!
Messy Toddlers!

Also check out what lovely pictures we get when my preschooler gets a hold of the camera! He loves taking pictures and you can see what things are just SO interesting in his life. He came running to me today telling me he HAD to take a picture of his chair and ran off with the camera!

blooming photographer!
So what’s the WORST your toddler has done?? Or maybe you have a preschooler who is obsessed with something like mine? I’d love to hear about it!


Friday 16th of July 2010

Not so bad my 2 yr old poop painted his bedroom


Monday 12th of July 2010

That is too funny!! My almost 3-year old took all of the clothes on hangers down-OK he threw them down on the floor!! Maybe it's the age?? It's nice to know when I am cleaning things up someone somewhere is probably doing the same thing :o)

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