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5 Tips for Natural Pain Relief

I was recently diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis (swollen or irritated ligament that connects your heel to your toes). It is one of the most common reasons for heel pain in middle aged people (I would disagree that I’m middle aged yet!!). I was in A LOT OF PAIN! It hurt when I woke up in the morning and lasted throughout the entire day. It made everything I normally do be a struggle. I found that I wasn’t exercising as much as I normally did because of the pain. I’ve relatively had a healthy life, and this was my first view into someone who lived with chronic every day pain. It is miserable! I found that taking over the counter pain medication would help, but Plantar Fasciitis can last MONTHS and I didn’t want to be taking pain medication every day for MONTHS! So I started searching for more natural pain relief while my Plantar Fascia returned to normal. These tips are not just for people who suffer with Plantar Fasciitis, but everyone who battles normal everyday aches and pains as well.

This Post is sponsored by Relief Factor. All opinions are my own.

5 Tips for Natural Pain Relief

Natural Pain Remedies #AD

1. Ice

Icing the hurt area helps bring down inflammation and pain. It helps even more if you can be consistent and ice the hurt area often. With my foot, I would ice it each night for about 20 minutes-every day.

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2. Heat

Heat helps relax the muscles and area around the pain. If you have a sore muscle, the heat can help relax the muscle back to normal. Again, trying to be consistent in applying heat will help you heal faster. You also can switch between ice and heat to bring down the inflammation and relax the muscles around the pain.

3. Massage

Massaging the area can help tremendously with the pain. Each night after I iced my food, I would would massage my heel for about 20 minutes. Using your favorite lotion makes pain management more enjoyable.

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4. Support

Giving the painful area some extra support can really aid as it heals. I found if I wore shoes with good arches throughout the entire day, my Plantar Fasciitis  felt better. Sore muscles in a compression sleeve get relief. Find a way to support the painful area throughout the day.

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5. Natural pain remedies

I found that I was taking a lot more over the counter pain medications than I wanted just to get through each day. I wanted a more natural, drug-free way to deal with the aches and pains of every day life. I decided to give Relief Factor a chance. I did a little research and found out that Relief Factor is made up of a high-quality fish oil and botanical extracts. I was excited to try something that was not a drug, could not become addicted to, all while giving my body the nutrition it needs to fight the pain.

Following their dosing instructions, I started off taking 3 packets a day for two weeks. Then I went down to two packets a day for another 2 weeks. By week two I really started to notice a difference. My pain actually was more manageable. It didn’t go away completely but it lessened quite significantly. I ALSO noticed (and was quite surprised by) that it helped with other pain that I was having. Pain that I just thought was normal as my body got older–but I didn’t like.  I used to wake up with a sore lower back, and I noticed that it was less when I started taking Relief Factor. Also, after working out, my body would be sore and achy for almost an entire day, but while taking Relief Factor, I wasn’t as sore.

I am not trying to tout that Relief Factor was a miracle cure, but I saw a noticeable different throughout my four week trial. I am amazed by the difference I felt in my feet and other parts of my body. I just seemed to be able to do more things than I was before. I am so glad that I tried it and plan to continue using it to battle the everyday aches and pains that come up as I get older. I am excited that I have found a natural remedy to pain relief that is actually beneficial to my body. I hope you’ll give Relief Factor a trial and see for yourself the difference in your aches and pains.

Disclaimer: Relief​ ​Factor​ ​is​ ​not​ ​intended​ ​to​ ​be​ ​a​ ​replacement​ ​for​ ​the​ ​medical​ ​recommendations​ ​of​ ​your physician.​ ​Relief​ ​Factor​ ​does​ ​not​ ​cure​ ​disease,​ ​and​ ​cannot​ ​be​ ​compared​ ​to government-approved​ ​medical​ ​treatment.​ ​These​ ​statements​ ​have​ ​not​ ​been​ ​evaluated​ ​by​ ​the Food​ ​and​ ​Drug​ ​Administration.​ ​​ ​This​ ​product​ ​is​ ​not​ ​intended​ ​to​ ​diagnose,​ ​treat,​ ​cure​ ​or​ ​prevent any​ ​disease.

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Relief Factor has a 3-week Quick Start on the Relief Factor website for $19.95. That’s 95 cents a day. Isn’t your pain relief worth that?

Bobby Saint

Monday 18th of December 2017

I like that you provided some tips for natural pain relief such as using ice. It is recommended to ice the body that is causing you pain to reduce swelling or inflammation. This is probably one of the most common and practical ways to treat pain. Plus, it's very cost-efficient, too. I would definitely take heed of your advice if I ever experience soreness on my feet. Thanks.


Friday 8th of December 2017

I have the worst back pain and I always get massages to help. They usually do the trick!

Toni | Boulder Locavore

Friday 8th of December 2017

These are great tips to remember. Thank you so much for sharing!

Dawn McAlexander

Friday 8th of December 2017

I could definitely use a good massage right now. And wearing the right shoes is so important.


Friday 8th of December 2017

Really great tips. Heat always seems to help me. Maybe because I don't have a ton of tolerance to cold.

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