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5 Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Healthy & Sane

It is so hard to keep mom sane and healthy in our busy schedules with kids, work, extra activities, etc. I’ve found that I put myself on the back burner on many occasions. But this year, I’ve tried to figure out ways that I can keep myself a priority throughout my crazy schedule. I’m sharing 5 tips that have helped me take control of my health and sanity even though my crazy life hasn’t changed.

This post is sponsored by PlantFusion. All opinions are my own.
PlantFusion Protein keeps me healthy while on the go #AD

5 Tips to Help Busy Moms Stay Healthy & Sane

1. Make sure that you plan some time for yourself

If you don’t take care of yourself, nothing else will seem to go right. You won’t be able to give 100% to your family, job, responsibilities if you have nothing in the bucket to give. It doesn’t have to be much, but figure out what recharges you, what you need to function, and make that a priority worth spending some time on.

Some quick ideas: Carry around an ebook that sparks your interest, take an online crafty class like letter writing that you can practice when you are sitting in drive-line for school or in the waiting room, try out new yoga videos on youtube-even 10 minutes can be a good recharge.

2. Plan nutrition AHEAD of time

I love the quote: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. It is so true with our nutrition. Our lifestyles are not very health conducive, so you have to plan ahead to keep health a priority.

PlantFusion Protein helps me stay healthy while on the go.

Recently I’ve been introduced to PlantFusion, and it has helped me keep my health in check even when my crazy schedule won’t. PlantFusion Protein is 100% plant based protein that is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, and animal free. I love the comparison of PlantFusion Protein to whey protein here.

Instead of being “too busy” to eat a balanced meal full of protein and vegetables, I can use their protein shakes as a meal replacement. They are really convenient either in the Ready-to-Drink Shakes, or the powder that I can keep with a shaker cup for whenever I need.

5 Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Healthy & Sane PlantFusion20

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Flexible Meal Planning has also kept my sanity and health in check amidst T-ball, Piano Practices, school activities, church activities, etc. I like to plan out 5 meals a week, so I know that I will have the ingredients on hand when I need it and don’t need to brainstorm dinner ideas. However, our life changes at the drop of a hat, and I keep a list of quick and easy meals when I don’t even have enough time for what I’ve planned.

I also keep a veggie tray in my fridge to pull out whenever we end up with Grilled Cheese Sandwich Night, or Top Ramen Night (you know those nights happen–this way I can eat some vegetables and drink my PlantFusion Protein and not feel totally unhealthy).

PlantFusion Protein keeps me healthy while on the go #AD

Plan your snacks – I’ve found if I have healthy snacks on hand, I tend to gravitate more towards those than the crackers and junk food snacks that I would normally reach for. I always keep a veggie tray in my fridge, PlantFusion Ready-to-Drink Protein Shakes in my fridge, a bag of almonds in my pantry, and fruit on my counter. Having a variety of healthy snacks keeps me from the drive-thru dilemmas.

PlantFusion Protein keeps me healthy while on the go #AD

Focus on Hydration- I have a soda problem and I’ve found that the more soda that I drink, the worse I feel. I’ve learned to keep a water bottle with lemon always nearby and I don’t nearly miss my soda as much as I thought I would. I set a goal to fill my water bottle 4 different times throughout the day and it is keeping me much more hydrated than I was in the past. PlantFusion Ready-to-drink protein shakes also satisfy that sweetness that I was looking for in soda.

3. Figure out what activity works in your schedule and DO IT

You don’t have to do the 1hr gym workout each and every day. Just set a goal to move more. There are TONS of ways to work in extra exercise throughout your day, and it’ll really add up by the end (ie. early-morning yoga, walking kids to school, 7 min workout app, walk during lunch, use a step counter, etc.)

5 Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Healthy & Sane pf8

4. Plan for the unexpected

I know, how do you plan when you don’t know what will come up? As a mom of 4 busy kids, I’ve learned to plan for EVERYTHING! I keep a “Go Bag” in my car at all times that has an extra change of clothes–for EVERYONE, extra money–because I never seem to have cash on hand, plastic gallon bags–these are used for everything: animal crackers and dum-dums for the kids, PlantFusion Protein powder and a shaker cup for me, wipes for all the extra messes, and extra socks and flip flops for the whole family!
We end up using our Go Bag quite often when shoes fall apart, a baby has a blow-out, we need some cash for a school activity that I completely forgot about, we missed a meal and are all STARVING, etc. It has been a lifesaver!

5. Stop and smell the roses

Life whizzes by us so fast that we can easily miss an entire stage in life if we don’t step back and look.

There are lots of things you can do to cherish the small moments: keep a gratitude journal, take a daily picture of something that makes you happy, take a deep breath and find something perfect about right now, keep a blog where you record all the little things that happen, etc.

5 Tips for Busy Moms to Stay Healthy & Sane PlantFusion21.png

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I would love to hear something you do to keep yourself sane and healthy throughout our chaotic lives! I’m always looking for new tips myself!

Sapana V

Thursday 4th of January 2018

Awesome tips for moms.I would love to try this Plant fusion.

Agness of Fit Travelling

Wednesday 20th of December 2017

These tips seem so practical and useful, Joanna. It proves that there are no excuses, everyone can stay healthy no matter how busy they are, I'll make sure to share this post with my friends who have babies and claim this cannot be achieved. ;)

Toni | Boulder Locavore

Wednesday 13th of December 2017

These are really awesome tips! Just in time while I'm setting health goals for next year!

Kelly Hutchinson

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

I am so bad about taking time for myself. These are such great tips, especially during this time of year.


Tuesday 12th of December 2017

I think these are all wonderful tips. Having time for yourself is always a must. I always make sure to have time to myself.

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