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The Worst Thing About Kitty Litter Is…

This post was sponsored by Lunchbox. All opinions are my own.

I had a cat when I was growing up, her name was Felicia. I absolutely loved my cat and went out to play with her nearly daily. I didn’t realize all the work and responsibility having a cat was, though, until I was older. Then, the litter box quickly became my least favorite thing about cats. There’s no real way around it and the super heavy bags of litter only make life more difficult.

Here’s a bit of a confession… I’ve had a bag of kitty litter out in my garage for years! Just sitting there waiting to be used. We don’t have a cat anymore, but we do want to have some kitty litter on hand as it has a hundred different uses for in an emergency scenario situation so there it sits. Problem is, I can’t get anyone to move it for me and it is one of those big ol’ bags and it is SO heavy!! To me, the worst thing about kitty litter is how HEAVY it is!

You may not be getting off of litter duty anytime soon, but now at least the weight concern has a solution! Tidy Cats® has introduced an all new product, Tidy Cats® Lightweight 24/7 Performance® Litter, available at Walmart! It gives you all the performance of a traditional litter but is 50% lighter than the leading scooping litter. That’s HALF the weight, but still all the strength!!


If your wondering, can it really be that much lighter? See real customers taking a blind weight test and watch their reactions! It’s like night and day watching them lift the heavy jug! Next time you need to shop for litter for your pets, be sure to look for Tidy Cats® new lightweight formula and take your own weight test.

Do you know what your litter weighs?