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10 Activities To Kick Start an Amazing Summer

I received Tillamook Product in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Summer is just getting started! Wether you have kids who are school aged or toddlers, the summer is a great time to get out of your usual rut and have a blast! We are always looking for fun stuff to do, here are 10 ideas to kick start your summer this year.

10 Ways to Kick start an Amazing Summer!

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  1. Sidewalk Chalk– Have you seen all the fabulous ideas for sidewalk chalk floating around the internet lately? Besides just letting your kids go crazy outside, you could play games, practice your letter, numbers, or colors, or get really creative and set up a photo shoot! These pictures would be so fun to use in a calendar for the holidays or framed in a sequence!IMG_7467
  2. Pack a lunch and head to the lake– No boat? No problem. Pack a lunch and head to the lake, the beach, or the park for a extra special picnic! We brought our pails and shovels along and my kids played forever on the shore of the 1
  3. Find a neighborhood splash pad– Most communities have one, ours has several. Throw on your suits and cool off in this less stressful way! It is impossible for me to take my two toddlers to the swimming pool on my own safely, they are too independent, too brave, and too little. The splash pad is the perfect place for us to relax and play without having to worry about one of my kids getting away from me in the 3
  4. Local Museum– Here is Arizona the summer gets too hot, too quick. It is the perfect time for us to take advantage of our local museums and libraries! Have you looked to see if your city has a children’s museum or science center? See if they have free or discount days for an affordable, yet air conditioned, outing.IMG_7532
  5. Bakery Breakfast– Summer is known for lazy days of sleeping in, but what better way to surprise your kids than to steal them from for a pajama clad trip to the local bakery for a sweet breakfast treat. No one will complain about that!photo 4
  6. Wander an Mall or Shopping Center- Teach your kids the art of window shopping! We love to take the kids for a long walk at the mall, when its really hot, or outdoor shopping center, for cooler days. It is a great way to enjoy time together! We always grab a cookie, pretzel, or ice cream for a little treat to share!photo 2
  7. Enjoy a Staycation– Can’t take a huge summer vacation this year? No problem. Watch for a great deal at your local hotel and grab a cheap room. I was amazed at how cool my kids thought it was to eat take out and watch tv from in bed!IMG_7700
  8. Go Camping– One of our favorite ways to best the heat is to head up north and do a little camping. Heading up to the mountains is not always convent though, try setting up that tent in the backyard or even in the living room for a fun summer adventure!IMG_7173
  9. Movie Day– We love to take it super easy sometimes and have a movie day at our house. My kids especially love to build a fort and make tasty snacks to eat inside while they snuggle up with their favorite show. This is perfect for those extra hot or bad weather days this summer.Ice Cream-1
  10. Cool Off With A Cold Treat– Hands down my family’s favorite thing to do when it is hot is to have a cold treat! Pack a cooler and head to the park or on a walk and chill out. Our current favorite are Tillamook’s Tillabars. The Lemonnilla flavor will knock your socks off!

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How are you kicking off your summer this year?