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Free ABC Printable Tracing & Activity Cards

My middle child is home from school this year. He’s watching his big brothers head off to 2nd grade and Kindergarten and looking back at his two baby brothers and their daily naps and feeling stuck right in the middle.

My goal was to keep his boredom at bay and keep him learning and growing throughout the school year just like his big brothers. To do this, I created big ABC templates for him that we could work with throughout the year in a variety of ways for teaching him the alphabet and the letter sounds.

My son is 4 and these have been really fun for him at his current age, but they’d be easy to start with even younger children and continue use up through their Kindergarten year of school as needed. ABC Printable Templates

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How to use your ABC Tracing Templates

Start by opening up the PDF and printing all 26 letters or print the letter your child is currently working on. I highly recommend printing out the letters on cardstock so they will last longer and resist little fingers easier.

Once the template is printed, you can laminate each of the pages using laminating pouches, stick them in sheet protectors, or just use them as is. Some of the suggested play ideas below will really benefit from having a laminated copy that can be washed in the sink or at least a sheet protector copy to keep the template clean and ready to use over and over again. Here’s a few other items we often use:

  • Crayola Activity Center (if not laminated, than this is awesome for tracing and writing!)
  • Dry Erase markers or crayons
  • Play-Doh
  • Snacks like fruit, veggies, crackers, pretzels
  • Small toys like blocks and cars
  • Washable paint

Activities to try with your ABC to Trace Cards

Finger Tracing – Let your little one trace the inside of the letter template with their fingers. As they learn more about the letters, show them where to start and stop and the proper order of writing a letter (top to bottom, left to right). These early skills will help them when it comes time for reading and writing words down the line.

Write or Paint a Letter – Use a dry erase marker or washable paint to practice forming the lines and curves that make up our letters. Using a variety of tools keeps the practice fun and exciting. You can use finger paints or let them use a paint brush.

Build a Letter – Roll out Play-Doh to form sides of the letters and fill in the hollow space inside your ABC Templates. You can use any other manipulatives you have on hand including food for a fun snack time and learning time in one.

Letter association & sound practice – You can start at an early age introducing words at the same time you’re practicing and teaching a specific letter. For example, if you’re working on the letter A, use apples, airplanes, animal crackers, or other words that start with A while using your letter templates. You can tell your child that the items you are using start with the letter A so they can begin to understand why that particular letter is interesting and important in their own lives.

Most importantly, make learning fun and your kids will be happy to participate and it will be a happy experience for everyone!

Printable ABC Tracing PDF

This free PDF file of Printable ABC Templates includes all 26 capital letters. I have a second document I made of each of the lowercase letters, so look for that link below! We always start with the capital letters as they are a little bit easier to learn, so I’m introducing this free set first!

Grab the Free Printable ABC Tracing PDF!

Click the link above or the image above to download, open, or save the PDF file. You can preview the document before you save it, or just print it right from opening the file.

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Monday 1st of September 2014

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