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5 Tips For Choosing A Watch

When you go on trips, do you have a souvenir you like to pick up? T-shirts? Shot glasses? Postcards? For me it is magnets. For my husband it’s watches. I am being dead serious. He has a ton of them, but it is fun because they almost all have a pretty cool story behind them.

The black one from our first trip to Hawaii or the silver one with wood grain face from our Christmas cruise from Mexico, they are fun to look at and he really does love them. Every once and a while he finds one that he has to have and just buys. Either way he is pretty good at picking out a watch. Here are his five tips for choosing a watch you will love.

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I received a JORD Watch in exchange for this post. All opinions a re my own.

Fit- Fit is a pretty personal preference, but one that is so important to keep in mind when picking out a new watch. For example, I really like my watches to fit more like a bracelet. A tight watch drives me crazy, also some styles of watches look strange with a more loose fit. My husband, on the other hand, likes his tight and hates when they slide around. Decide what you like and stick to it because how your watch fits will really determine if you love to wear it or not.

Size- When picking a watch for you or as a gift keep the size in mind. If your wrists are really small, a larger work might be a little overwhelming on your arm. The opposite can also be true. If you have a larger wrist a very small watch may look out of place. Try on a bunch of watches and find what size works best for you.


Color- Flashy or neutral? I prefer very neutral watches. I like them to match everything and blend in. Because my husband is constantly changing his watch, he loves a unique watch. He is naturally drawn to bright colors. I think it really comes down to where you want the focal point of your accessories.

Shape- There are many options as far as shapes for watch faces. Round, square, rectangular, which do you prefer? This might sound silly but I honestly can’t tell the time as quickly on a rectangular watch. I really do know how to, I just don’t adjust to the spacing very quickly. This plays a big role in choosing a watch for me!


Style- Here is where you can really let your personality shine. There are so many styles of watches out there, find one you really love! You can honestly find watches made out of anything: metal, leather, plastic, rubber, even wood! All these materials make for watches in every style you can imagine. Decide what you like and have fun!


My husband has recently taken a interest in wooden watches. His Delmar Green wooden watch by JORD is on heavy rotation, and that is saying something! He had a head time choosing between all of their unique choices of color and grains and types of wood that they had to choose from. His favorite thing about this watch is how light weight it is. It has a scratch proof face and stainless steel clasp which makes it very durable.  It is also an attention grabber and great conversation starter.

Laurie Emerson

Monday 1st of September 2014

I love the Delmar Series Red.

Richard Hicks

Monday 1st of September 2014

I find the 746 SERIES Maple watch very nice looking

Marilyn Nawara

Monday 1st of September 2014

I like the Delmar in the dark cherry wood - very stylish!

Danielle F

Monday 1st of September 2014

I love the Delmar in green!

Evelyn Driver

Monday 1st of September 2014

I love the 746 in black for my husband. I love the Ely in cherry for me.

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