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3 Year Memory Journal with My Chronicle Books

I received personal keepsake journals in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

My mother is an incredible self-historian; she hasn’t missed a daily journal entry in years. Growing up, my mother continuously stressed the importance of keeping a journal. Every Sunday, she would gather the family together and have us write a short entry in our own journals. I’m so glad that she did this; these childhood journal entries are priceless! Now that I am a mother, I want to make sure and record the precious moments in my son’s life. Thanks to My Chronicle Books’ One Line a Day journal, I am easily able to keep a memory book of important daily events.


Let me tell you a little bit about how this journal works. You start by turning to the current calendar date. For me, I received my One Line a Day (3 Year Memory Book) on April 9th. Using the space provided, you jot down a thought, quote, or memorable event from that day. You continue simply writing down one thought a day for the next year. After a year has passed, you start the next year of entries on the second line, etc. When your journal is complete, you’ll have 3 years of keepsake memories.


This memory journal makes writing down memories SO easy! I keep my One Line a Day Journal next to my bed and complete each day with one happy memory. I can’t wait to fill up this journal, and have 3 years of memories all organized in one book. This book’s hard cover and sturdy design is sure to keep these memories safe through time.

I love everything about My Chronicle Books’ One Line a Day Journal! Not to mention, it is the PERFECT Mother’s Day gift! I personalized the names on my journal’s covers so that my mother and mother-in-law can enjoy a very unique, thoughtful, and memorable Mother’s Day gift. The memories jotted down in these books will in turn be a gift for the whole family to enjoy.

With so many fun colors to choose from, there is a One Line a Day Journal ($39.99) perfect for every woman this Mother’s Day. For more product information, be sure to visit My Chronicle Books.