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Fashionable Eye Protection with Real Kids Shades

I received Real Kids Shades in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

My little toddler has extremely fair skin and bleach blonde hair. My pediatrician even refers to him as the most “see through” baby she has ever seen! Because of his fair complexion, I am constantly lathering his body with sunscreen in order to provide adequate sun protection. Although it’s extremely important to protect our skin from sun damage, it is equally as important to protect our eyes. Thankfully, Real Kids Shades provides stylish eye protection in 5 different children’s sizes.


Real Kids Shades, the leading innovator of children’s 100% UVA/UVB eye protection, provides flexible and stylish frames ranging in sizes from baby to tween. Whether you are looking for cool aviators or surf style glasses, there are many styles to fit your little one’s personality. With Real Kids Shades, you don’t have to sacrifice style for performance.

My son is in LOVE with his Real Kids Shades. In fact, I just so happened to capture his expression the very first time he tried on his Surf Real Kids Shades:


That is a look of pure joy. My little son loves wearing his Real Kids Shades EVERYWHERE: on our daily walks, at the park, splash-pad, zoo, etc. I love knowing that Real Kids Shades not only make him look adorable, but also protect his eyes from sun damage. These sunglasses are made for kids! We have owned our Real Kids Shades for well over a month and they still look brand-new; their incredible TPEE Flex-Fit frames are extremely durable and have withheld the wear and tear of my 18 month old son.




My son also loves his Sky Real Kids Shades. I mean, come on, how cute are these little aviators? I also love Real Kids Shades’ protective carrying case. Perfect for preventing scratching from contents of my diaper bag, these awesome carrying cases keep my son’s Real Kids Shades looking spiffy.

Provide your little one with fashionable eye protection by using Real Kids Shades.