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What is Real Beauty?

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I am always impressed with Dove’s commitment to celebrating the real beauty of women of all shapes and sizes. So often in our society, all we hear is that women aren’t skinny enough, pretty enough, (you name it) enough. It can feel like a battle against not only ourselves but against other women to be this ideal, perfect, unreachable Barbie. Well, nothing against Barbie but she is far from ideal.

From where I see the world, a beautiful woman with real beauty is someone who shares her talents, reaches out to those around her, cares for others, and treats everyone with love and respect.

Do you know any women like that? 

I’m sure you do! When it comes down to it, these are really the core characteristics that women are often made of – the desire to care and nurture others. Maybe we forget that sometimes along the way, but it’s still a part of all of us women.

DG Dove Real Beauty

This Mother’s Day, share your thanks to your mom and all the beautiful women around you who have touched your life as they have shown their caring side. Send her a free customized e-card to express your gratitude for everything she has done for you – whether that be your mom, grandmother, best friend, neighbor, or high school pal.

What message did you include in your e-card?