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How to Make Maracas: Easy Homemade Maracas for Kids

Today, I want to show you how to make maracas with an easy paper mache method and inexpensive easter eggs! These easy homemade Maracas are a great craft to do with your kids for Cinco De Mayo, or if you are learning about Mexico, or even if you simply just want a fun rainy day project to keep everyone busy and entertained.

With just a few inexpensive supplies (all are available at Dollar Tree) you can make a wide variety of colors and designs. I was able to find about 6 or 7 different patterns of a washi type tape at Dollar Tree in the school supply aisle near the scrapbook supplies, I cant wait to use them on more projects!

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Easy maracas

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How to Make Maracas

Maracas Supplies Needed

Maracas Craft supplies

Start by opening the plastic egg, drop enough filler-beans, beads, or rice into the egg filling the bottom half way, close up the egg.

Easter Egg Maracas

Place your egg inside the bowl area of two plastic spoons. Wrap tape completely around at least twice to secure. Wrap a piece of tape around the very bottom of the “handle” a few times.

Easy maracas

Now here is where you can get very creative. You can continue wrapping in a pretty patterned tape, paint them, put on stickers, or mod podge colored tissue onto your homemade maracas. I love to do the mod podge and tissue paper, as it makes them resemble paper mache and therefore more authentic.

Homemade Paper Mache Maracas with Mod Podge

To mod podge: Paint mod podge all over the surface. Press tissue paper into the mod podge. Paint a coat over top of the tissue, covering thoroughly. I like to do about 2 or three layers to cover it well and really mimic paper mache pinatas. Allow to dry completely.

If you want to add a festive little ruffle cut a piece of tissue ¼ “ to ¾ “ wide so that it wraps around egg with an inch or so overlap. Cut a fringe edge a little more than halfway across the width you cut. Glue strip on the uncut portion, take care not to glue the fringe down.

Easy Maracas Craft

When we finished these the kids were busy for the rest of the day making music, singing, and playing with their frugal new toys. They are sure to be a hit and would be really cute for parties too!

Would your kids love these easy homemade maracas?