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Dr. Seuss Reading Week – Ways to Encourage Kids Reading!

Encouraging kids to read can be a difficult task, especially in a world filled with electronics and instant gratification attitudes. If you’re finding it difficult to get your kids reading, let Dr. Seuss Reading Week help you out. Here are some great tips to use this week to make reading fun for your whole family!

Dr Seuss Reading Ideas

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Make a sign – Have kids pick a book they think they would like to read and make a sign about what they assume the book is about. Ask them to read the book to determine if they were right, and then have them make another sign to depict what the book was actually about. Have them share with one another to show that you really can’t judge a book by its cover.

Make Characters for the Books – Each day, make a famous character form the Dr. Seuss book you are reading. When the children have something they can relate to, and something that was fun to make, they will be more interested in learning about this character’s story.

Read with and to your child – Statistics show that parents who read to and with their children daily have children that are more likely to read independently. Instill a love of reading in your child by making it a family thing and using it to bond with your children.

Make a sticker chart – For every book your child reads, give them a sticker. At the end of a week, give them a prize for the books they’ve read. Encouraging and rewarding reading makes kids more interested in reading and will make them more willing to read, because they will get a tangible reward for their efforts.

Talk to your child about the books – Have your child tell you about the book they are reading, and discuss what it means to them. Tell them about your favorite book when you were their age. If they can relay the book to you, then they are grasping it, which means they are actually reading the book. This means they are more likely to keep reading the book because they feel as if they can understand the material.

Read a Book Bingo Dr. Seuss Reading Week

Read a Book Bingo

Last year, we made a fun Dr. Seuss Read a Book Bingo game board that lets the kids cross off a square for each book read. Head over to grab that free printable as well and let the reading begin!

What tricks do you used to get your kids excited to read?