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How To Fuel Imagination #PowerImagination

Albert Einstein said,”Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you anywhere.” Imagination is the gateway to critical thinking. In the current world we live in, imagination will play a huge role in our children’s lives, it is up to them to imagine a world where things are better. Where people are better. Children exercise and expand their imagination through play, but it is our job to give them the opportunity! Not sure where to start? Let me help, here are few ways to get your child to use their imagination.

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Use YOUR Imagination- Why is it that when you become an adult, your imagination is less fun? Show your kids that you ca still play and have fun. A few weeks ago we got caught on a walk in the rain, my 3-year-old began to cry. Trying to cheer her up, me and my son began to pretend we were in the rainforest. By the time we got home we were dodging anacondas and leaping over crocodiles. We were all soaked and freezing, but we laughed really hard. My kids talk about that day several times a week. It was so simple, but seeing mom dodge imaginary snakes while pushing the stroller is something they will never forget. On the surface we just played a game, but deep down I hope my kids realize that you can choose to cry about your situation or you can imagine a way to make it better.


Ask Open Ended Questions- Open ended questions require more than a yes or no answer. You can use these in most every day situations, but think about times when it will encourage your child to think outside the box. Whether you are looking for ways to save the princess in a game of make believe or deciding how to make a game fair for everyone, your imagination is the one doing the work! The skills used when playing are the same skills used in their everyday life through adulthood.

Read- Reading enables you to take journeys you never thought possible, all with the power of imagination. Show your kids at an early age that reading can take them anywhere they want to go.


Let Them Solve Their Own Problems- It will be hard. They will fail from time to time, let them. Failing is an important lesson to learn, everyone fails. Your job is to help them understand how to deal with those failures. How to rethink and start over or move on.

Encourage Play- Toys. The right toy can send your child into imagination paradise. What I love most about new toys coming out is that they merge the worlds of technology and imagination. Kids love technology, but it can be tricky to find more ways to let them play with it other than just being plugged into a tablet. WowWee has created some amazing toys that encourage kids to take their imagination to the next level, and they are powered by Duracell.

All three of my kids are obsessed with CHiP, the newest member of our family. CHiP is a robotic dog that actually plays with you. Using advanced sensors, his SmartBall, and your Smartband. CHiP is always alert, and ready to play. How you respond uniquely shapes his behavior, so no other CHiP is ever quite like yours.


CHiP will come to you, respond to voice commands, and even play fetch. My kids favorite feature is making him dance. CHiP provides the music, his sweet dance moves, and the kids join in! We have had so much fun watching them play house and pretend that CHiP is their puppy. In fact, I think our real dog might just be a little jealous.


When CHiP responds to your commands and love, he is not just reacting the same way every single time. He actually begins to learn your preferences and personality. He responds to snacks, kisses, and makes the most adorable woofs and growls. His eyes tell you when he is ready to play and when he is ready to rest, his purple eyes let you know and he finds his way back to his charging bed on his own. As you can see from this picture below, we wear our little friend out with lots of play and love, he is ready for a nap! He really will become a little friend to your family.


The other toy my kids can’t get enough of is COJI! COJI is a coding robot that speaks the language of emojis! Paired with it’s app COJI challenges his playmates with skill-testing games that encourage critical thinking. My four-year old is just learning to read, she loves COJI because she doesn’t need to be able to read to string together commands, solve problems with, and control her. We have fun with our robot without the app as well, COJI responds to tilting and shaking and always has my kids giggling. Both COJI and CHiP are available at Toys”R”US.



WowWee’s toys are doing a great job of engaging my kid’s imaginations, but they are able to do so with the power of Duracell batteries. Duracell batteries are the #1 Trusted Brand by parents, and because of them, I know my kids will have long-lasting playtime! Make sure when you stock your cart as Toys”R”Us you don’t forget your Duracell batteries. When Toys”R”Us, WowWee and Duracell get together, you know you have a powerful team fueling your child’s imagination.

How do you fuel your child’s imagination?

Kids Dentist Helper Shivaun

Sunday 13th of November 2016

These are really useful tips Aimee, I totally agree ...encouraging our kids to play will promote creativity, especially if they get to play with other creative kids. Keep up the great work Aimee.

Rosie M. Jordan

Friday 21st of October 2016

You guys look really great together. I can say that it seems peaceful looking at you and your daughter reading a book. This is an important topic. Never ever border our children's imagination. Just let them imagine freely even if it goes crazy.


Saturday 15th of October 2016

I can't agree more. Imagination does play an important role in children development. Thank you for your informative sharing. I really appreciate it.


Saturday 8th of October 2016

Thank you for your post and I really love your tips. A child's imagination is very important and kids love to explore things around them. Why don't we make a chance for them to do it? These tips are really great to keep a child from video games! Besides, it's also a way to closer the relationship between parents and children!

Liz Mays

Wednesday 5th of October 2016

It definitely needs encouragement to be nurtured. It's the best part of childhood, so I'm all for it!

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