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Drama Free Hair- Tangled Tantrum Review

I received Tangled Tantrum products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I remember when I was little I dreaded getting my hair done. I mean between the pulling hair into tight french braids and combing out the tangles after a bath it was miserable being seven or eight with long hair! My little girl doesn’t really have any hair to pull yet, but my little boys hair is longer and he hates having it combed out. The smallest tangle throws him into hysterics and because his hair is so fine it tangles really easy. It can be really frustrating.


I was so excited to try out Tangled Tantrum detangling and conditioning spray on his hair. It is nice because all of Tangle Tantrum’s products are paraben and alcohol free and made in the USA making them safe, reliable, and healthy for kids. They have fun illustrations on them and great names, like a styling paste called Separation Anxiety. They smell great and work even better! I hate how gel makes my little guys hair crunchy but he needs something to hold it in place, Separation Anxiety is great for him! It gives him some style but stays flexible instead of stiff. But the real reward is now my son is willing to let me comb through his hair, no fighting or crying after bath time!


With all the success in my little guys hair, I thought I would give it a try myself! My hair is pretty long and reaches halfway down my back. When I get out of the shower it is always so tangled and I hate combing it out and thinking about all the damage that pulling is doing to my hair. I have started using Tangled Tantrum’s Detangling Spray on my hair and I love it! Combined with The Wet Brush they also sell on their site, my hair is combed smooth in no time with very little effort and even less damage! I love it.

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Whether your kids hate to have their hair done or you do, Tangled Tantrum is a great solution. Their products can be found on their website here and range from $13.00-20.00.