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B. Toys H2-Whoa, Stackadoos and Elemenosqueeze Review!

B Toys Review

B. Toys are all about creating toys that bring out the individuality of children. Their toys feature innovative, sensible designs that are made to be durable and last while being bright, colorful, and interesting too! Their H2-Whoa! takes a new spin on a traditional doodle board by letting your child play with water! The board comes with 4 pens so multiple children can all play at once and when you inevitably loose one or two, you still have pens left to color with. The board is dual sided with different colors on each side of the board to make the art even more fun. My boys loved playing with their H2-Whoa! They would scribble and draw as fast as they could and then flip over the board and start over. They loved checking to see if they had “beat” the water drying on the other side or if it was already blank and ready for them to color again. They ended up in big fits of laughter when they would draw shapes that would pretty quickly disappear and they’d race to fill up the board with shapes before their first began to dry. I love that the board is reusable and lets all my boys play at once. The pens filled with water last a surprising long time before they need to be refilled which is great, too!

B Toys Review

The Stackadoos let my children build and create. They are easy enough to build with that even my 20 month old has no problem handling the waffle style blocks. My boys all loved the pieces that would twist and turn the best. While I love these blocks and my kids have fun playing with them, their attention span towards the Stackadoos is very limited. They seem to run out of creation ideas quickly and move onto something else. That being said, they still have pulled them out nearly daily since they arrived. B. Toys Elemenosqueeze blocks include 26 soft squeezeable blocks with a variety of shapes and sizes. I absolutely love these blocks! They are squishy and soft so when they get thrown (bound to happen with 3 boys) they don’t hurt anyone or anything. They are also great for infants on up, which means you’ll get lots of play from this one cute set. The different architectural shapes make it fun to dream up castles and ruins with the blocks. I also absolutely adore the animals and letters printed across the sides of the blocks. Each block represents a letter of the alphabet and an animal to correspond with the letter. That makes these educational and double for some character acting with the animals! My boys have had fun playing with the blocks, but they are another toy that seems to have a pretty short play time in a single sitting.

B Toys Review

You can find B. Toys online at OneStepAhead and Amazon as well as in stores at Target and at a few local retailers as well.

Disclosure: I received B. Toys H2-Whoa, Stackadoos, and Elemenosqueeze in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

Rita Spratlen

Friday 1st of June 2012

Thanks for the wonderful review. I have never heard of these before. I am on the look out for great toys now for grandson. Seems like a fun educational toy for sure!

Laura Waltz

Thursday 31st of May 2012

We love B. Toys at our house!  Nice to see your guys enjoying them too!

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