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PEAK Automotive Power Station Review

Looking for something for dad this Father’s Day and running out of time to shop? PEAK Automotive has great gift ideas that can be purchased right at your local retailers and perfect for an last minute gifts for the men in your life! One of their products that makes a perfect gift for not only vehicles other every day needs is PEAK’s Power Station! The Power Station is more than just for a jump-start as it can also give you power on the go!

Features of the PEAK Power Station:

  • The PEAK® 900 Amp jump-starter is powerful enough to provide a jumpstart to a range of vehicles from a motorcycle to a six-cylinder truck, without the need for another vehicle.
  • The 100 PSI inflator is perfect for fixing a flat tire, pumping up your bike tires or your air mattress when you take the family camping.
  • The two 100 Watt AC household power outlets lets you power your devices on the go without any need for additional power converters. Perfect for the man who wants to bring along a television, grill or any other electronic to a sporting event tailgate or camping site.
  • PEAK’s power stations retail between $99 – $189

PEAK Power Station

We’ve personally needed a battery jump several times since being married. Car batteries just don’t seem to last too long here with the extreme desert heat. However, we don’t own any jumper cables and it’s always been a struggle to have to find someone to help us jump our car who could also bring jumper cables with them.

I also have a backyard full of kids bikes with flat tires, and no way to pump up their tires and sports balls. The PEAK Power Station is so handy to jump start your car, check your battery’s power level, charge or power other tools that use a cigarette lighter charge or a traditional plug, inflate tires and so much more!

You can even plug in this power station in your car as use it as a power inverter while on the go to power one of your many devices! This will be a great gift for my hubby for Father’s Day, plus, it serves a dual purpose of helping me get him to hopefully fix the kids bikes!

You can find PEAK Automotive products at a local retail outlet near you including Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Sears, AutoZone, and many others! You can find a product locator and more information on their products on the PEAK Automotive website.

Disclosure: I received a PEAK Automotive PEAK 900 Amp Power Station in exchange for my honest review. I was not compensated in any other manner. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site.

Shirley Zolenski

Friday 29th of June 2012

They also haveĀ  Peak Deicer with Rain-Off

Shaunda Eppes

Friday 29th of June 2012

I like the GPS with backup camera

Jessica Snook

Friday 29th of June 2012

I like the wiper blades.


Friday 29th of June 2012

I love the 150 Watt Power Cup Inverter lovefreestuff17(at)gmail(dot)com

Miriam Miller Brixey

Friday 29th of June 2012

i like the rechargeable led lamp

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