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DecalGirl Review + Coupon

I received various DecalGirl products in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Electronics are everywhere, and our home is no exception. We love to stay connected to friends and family with them, store our movies and music, and read our favorite books with various devices. We love our stuff so much that it seems we have acquired two of all of our favorite devices! We have the same laptops, the same phones, and the exact same Kindles!

We were doing oaky for the most part until our Kindles came along, I was constantly grabbing my husbands! I went in search of a fun way to protect and personalize our devices. DecalGirl carries a huge selection skins and cases for all of your electronic devices. Think of their skins as a thin layer of protection that you can personalize and change up whenever you would like!


Their vinyl is printed with beautiful vibrant colors, it is precision cut to fit your device perfectly. I started by applying my new Connection skin to my laptop. The set included a skin for the top and inside of my laptop, as well as for my charger! I was really nervous to apply such a large piece of vinyl, but it went on really smoothly and was easily adjusted when I placed it crooked or got a little air bubble in it. I love how my laptop looks now and that I can easily tell it is mine when sitting next to my husbands.


I had an equally easy time placing the skins on our Kindles. It is amazing to me how well these skins are cut to fit so perfectly around buttons, headphone and charging ports, everything is still easily accessible and fully functioning.


DecalGirl also carries a huge variety of cases for both your phone and iPads. Offered in several different case styles and hundreds of designs you are bound to find one you love! They have three different case styles offered for the iPhone. The first is a Clip Case that is thin and form fitting and just snaps right onto your phone. The second is a Hybrid case that is made up of an outer case with an liner that fit together. The third option is the Bumper Case. The Bumper case is a dual layer case with a silicone base layer and high impact shell. I chose to go with the bumper case because of how often my kids handle my phone, and I love it! It has already taken a few tumbles and each time my phone has come out unscathed and looking fantastic as always!


I am really impressed by my DecalGirl skins and cases. Everything they have is really affordable and made of the best quality products. If your electronics need a new look or a little personalization, go find something for you here! Use code DECAL10 for an extra 10% your purchase!