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Fun with HearthSong’s Mini Trampoline

I received HearthSong’s Mini Trampoline in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

My 18 month old son is full of energy; sometimes it seems like he never stops moving. Whether he’s dancing, throwing balls, running, or jumping, this kid’s energy switch is always on. Finding creative outlets for this energy can be a daunting task. However, ever since introducing my son to HearthSong‘s Mini Trampoline, he LOVES bouncing and jumping to his heart’s content.


My son is smitten with HearthSong’s Mini Trampoline. Raised to the perfect height, this mini trampoline allows for easy access; my son can climb on and off without a fuss. Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, I’m amazed just how sturdy this trampoline is. The padding around the outside of the trampoline protect my son’s feet from the bungee chord openings and provide a soft landing in case of an accident.


When my son was first learning how to use HearthSong’s Mini Trampoline, the handle provided extra balance while bouncing. Not to mention, I love the padding on the handle; I don’t have to worry about my son bonking his head or mouth on the handle. Now that my son is a pro, we can easily remove this padded handle.


Every time my son starts to bounce on HearthSong’s Mini Trampoline, he let’s out a loud “WEEEEE!” He also enjoys sitting on the trampoline with his stuffed animals and bouncing. During snack time, I’ll often find him happily eating his snack on his Mini Trampoline. I don’t mind if he eats his snacks on Hearth Song’s Mini Trampoline because it’s SUPER easy to wipe clean; after a quick wipe down, it always looks brand new! I’m so happy that we found such a fun and creative outlet for my son’s energy. I’m excited to have HearthSong’s Mini Trampoline part of the family; I know we will use it for years to come.


I guarantee that your child will fall in love with HearthSong’s Mini Trampoline ($79.98). For more product information or to check out HearthSong’s other fantastic toys, be sure to visit HearthSong.