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Primo Water Bottom Loading Water Dispenser Review

Primo Water is preferred by 3 out of 4 individuals over other spring waters and 4 out of 5 times over tap water according to the thousands of blind taste tests preformed by independent agencies all across the nation. They use a 9-step purification process to ensure “taste perfection”. They make it easy to exchange with their zero waste exchange process! Simply exchange your empty water jugs for new pre-filled jugs at one of their many carriers across the nation including Walmart, Lowes, and other big box stores. The bottles are then collected and sterilized and used up to 40 times to prevent extra waste!

Check out some of the great features included in their line of Bottom Loading Water Dispensers:

  • Bottom loading eliminates lifting, flipping and spilling
  • Single spout, fast-flowing, icy cold, cool and piping hot water
  • New and improved 2.0 compressor cooling system
  • Stainless steel hot & cold tanks
  • Child safety latch
  • LED nightlight
  • Indicator lights for on, cooling, heating and replace bottle
  • Energy saving on/off switches
  • New stainless steel drip tray with full indicator
  • UL certified and ENERGY STAR rated ¬– uses 25% less power than traditional dispensers
  • 1-year mfr. limited warranty

Primo Water Dispenser Review

Last summer, we turned our garage into an insulated playroom so give us the extra space we needed and to give a home to all the toys that go along with three kids. My kids love to go out to the garage and play. But, they spent a lot of time going in and out because they needed a drink! I thought it would be absolutely perfect to have a water dispenser out in the garage so they could grab a cup and then get refills out there without having to track their toys along with them into the house to get a drink. They always ended up putting the toys down somewhere and forgetting along the way leaving a trail of toys from our garage down the hallway and to the kitchen. It is very convenient to have clean filtered water right within their reach while they play. The water dispenser is easy enough that my boys are able to use it while still being safe. The switches at the back of the water dispenser allow you to turn off hot water so that concern is never there. Even if you leave the hot water on, there is a slide and push button used to dispense hot water, which makes it much harder for little hands to figure out. It is extremely simple to replace the water jugs and the water dispenser looks very nice in our home.


Friday 1st of June 2012

 I like that it has a child safety latch. mightynaynay(at)

Heather C

Friday 1st of June 2012

I like the indicator lights for on, cooling, heating and replace bottle, since I'm always surprised that I have to replace ours!


Friday 1st of June 2012

I love the design but the most import thing is the Bottom loader so no picking up & flipping those big bottles anymore.


Friday 1st of June 2012

 Hello, how are you? Thank you for this opportunity. I like the hot water option in the 'Primo' water dispenser.  [email protected]

Brian E.

Friday 1st of June 2012

Thanks for the giveaway...we like the Child safety latch

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