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Les Petit Merveilles Review

I received Les Petit Merveilles Shadow Puppets in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

Kids are amazing. We all laugh that kids love the box more than the toy, but isn’t that telling us something? As a parent sometimes I think I get caught up in the latest and greatest toys with all the bells and whistles. But, as I watch my children play I am quickly reminded that toys run by imagination, not batteries, are the most played with. The wooden train set, blocks, and simple toys get played with the most at our house, and I love watching their little imaginations run wild as they play.

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Les Petit Merveilles has given us a return to the best basics in these beautiful shadow puppets. Each figure is precision cut from a heavy cardstock and mounted to a wooden stick. With just a little lamp or some great sunlight through the window, your little ones can spend weave their own tales and stories as they act them out.

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We have the Nighttime Castle set which includes 9 figures- Trees, Castle, Princess, Pirate, King, Dragon, Witch, Fairy and Donkey. I thought these toys might be some to hold onto until my kids were a little older, but they both love them. They are delicate so my 18 month old gets a lot of help when playing. But my 3-year-old is in total awe of them. He treats them so carefully and loves to make up stories of pirates and dragons and he just laughs and plays. It is so much fun to watch him stretch his imagination. I think the only thing better than snuggling up with your kids to tell them a story is to snuggle up with them and have them tell it to you.



These magical puppet sets are gorgeous in person and they have Nighttime Castle, Nighttime Dinosaur, Nighttime Paris, and Nighttime Circus themes and you can also purchase the Nighttime Shadows Theater to complete your set. There is no limit to the stories and plays your kiddos can preform. These are the perfect cure for a rainy or snowy day where you are forced inside. No better way to beat the winter blues than to spend the day practicing and preforming a play right?! These beautiful sets retail between $19-40.00.