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Bambino Mio Cloth Diapers Review

Bambino mio is a company that offers cloth diaper solutions from newborn aged through potty training. They offer diaper covers, prefolds, flushable liners, training pants, and more! Their company is founded on the principles of quality, comfort, and style and are always striving to make the best products available. They have received a whole handful of awards including awards from Mother & Baby for “Best Environmentally Friendly Product.” They are an international company that offers their products worldwide.

I was able to review their miointro kit which includes one miosoft (diaper cover), and 3 mionappies (prefolds) along with biodegradable liners and nappy cleanser. The mionappies are VERY absorbent! We didn’t have any leaks with this diapering system at all. The cover is very cute and I like the leg gussets, the cover fits really close to his skin without being tight and uncomfortable. One really nice thing about covers/prefold style of system is there is no stuffing of pockets and I can just load my bag with prefolds and maybe one extra cover and I’m good to go. The cover only needs to be changed if it gets soiled, but most of the time you can just change the prefold and continue to use the same cover. I didn’t use the liners as I am exclusively breastfeeding right now so the liners aren’t really needed yet, but I am glad I will get to try them when we begin to introduce solids. The only thing I didn’t love is the prefolds are larger then the cover so you fold down where more absorbency is needed. To me this just added a lot of extra bulk and I would have loved to have mionappies that were sized exactly to the fit of the cover to have a trimmer fit. I would have also liked the cover to have laundry tabs so I could have the tabs folded back, rather then having to attach them to the front of the cover. It was very nice to get to try prefolds though, as I have always been “afraid” of them as they seem so hard but really they are very easy to use!

I also got to review one of their training pants. Their training pants are made to look like underwear but they have a hidden waterproof layer and a pad for super absorbency. This set us allows the child to still feel the wetness to encourage potty training, while minimizing the mess and accidents you might find with underwear. They are machine washable and come in 4 color options. I really liked the way they fit on my 2 year old, though they are a higher waist line cut then typical underwear. They also worked great and my 2 year old would actually leave them on, and not rip it off like he does with the cloth diapers! He felt like he was wearing big boy underwear but I didn’t have to worry as much about accidents! He didn’t actually have any accidents while wearing these as he’d pull them off and run to the potty.

You can find Bambino Mio at!

*I received a Bambino Mio Intro Kit and Training Pants for free to keep in order to try the product and form an opinion for this review. The opinions expressed above are my own and any claims should be verified on the sponsor’s site. Actual experience may vary. Thank you to the sponsor for allowing me to review their products!
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Sarah Schulz

Friday 5th of November 2010

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Diaper Dad

Wednesday 3rd of November 2010

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