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17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime

Summertime and the livin’s easy. School’s out, the calendar frees up and life slows down a little. Summertime is a time for fun and relaxation. The summer months are perfect for all of our favorite activities, such as swimming, reading, gaming, cookouts, sunbathing, hiking, camping, fishing, boating, and playing sports.

Summer is also a great time to travel and explore new places. We have compiled a list of summertime favorites to help make your summer the best one yet. Summer is a time to make memories that will last a lifetime. So get out there and have some fun!

16 Summer Family Favorite Finds with so many fun ways to make the most out of your summer break with your families!

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime E7S1 800

Make the most out of your work-from-home space this summer with a FlexiSpot Standing Desk! It will help you move from being constantly in a chair to standing or even exercising while you work to help you live a healthier lifestyle.

You’ll love the E7 Pro Plus Standing Desk that is available in a range of sizes and desktops to fit your aesthetics and available space. I picked out the dark bamboo and it’s a beautiful finish and the large and deep desktop easily accommodates multiple monitors and transitions smoothly between my preset favorite sitting and standing heights.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime B2D3615 Open 1800x1800

Summertime wouldn’t be complete without a new favorite summer read! My boys love to read and that love came from filling our home with books they can’t help but get hooked on and encouraging time to read each day. You will love the wide assortment of kid-approved books at Just Kids Books. They have all the top series and favorite stories that your family is sure to enjoy.

I’ll share a few of my boys’ new favorite series to help you start your own search for the best summer books for your children. Check out The Land of Roar series that is perfect for ages 9-14. You’ll be swept away in a fantasy land that includes not only dragons but unicorns, ninja wizards, and mermaids! You can’t go wrong with the Minecraft The Woodsword Chronicles Collection which will appeal to a wide range of ages. They are easy reads that will delight all kids that love playing Minecraft feeling like they’re in the game with authentic storylines.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime tocca fine fragrances eau de parfum giulietta

Pick a fresh new scent to capture the feeling of summer with TOCCA Perfumes. They create beautifully delicate scents that will help you stand out but not overpower the room. You can pick a full-sized perfume bottle or try the fun travel spray bundle for an assortment of scents you can slip into your purse or suitcase.

Try the Giulietta Eau de Parfum that blends juicy green apples with pretty vanilla orchids and pink tulip notes. I thought this was a really nice blend that is feminine and a little flirty. Or, another pretty scent is the Eau de Parfum Simone scent with key notes of Ylang Ylang, Watermelon, and Frangipani.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime zelda

The whole family will love to spend summer afternoons getting lost in the world of The Legend of Zelda™ Tears of the Kingdom. This highly anticipated sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game is finally here and ready for you to endlessly explore.

You’ll be able to make your way through the open world of Hyrule and the mysterious floating islands above as you complete quests and master new skills. You’ll find new abilities including Ultrahand and Fuse to craft new weapons and ways to travel across the vast lands ahead of you. Plus, more secrets and stories to uncover as you play through The Legend of Zelda™ Tears of the Kingdom.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime 18150

If you’re looking for high-quality accessories to spoil dad this summer, turn to Trendhim to find the perfect gift. Such as this Lincoln Navy Leather RFID-Blocking Wallet that’s made with genuine leather which softens and gains character with age and has plenty of space for all of his cards and cash with a roomy bifold design. He can even use the exterior pockets for your frequently used cards for easy access.

Or gift him a well-crafted Dark Brown Solid Auto Lock Leather Belt that was made in Denmark using genuine leather that was tanned with vegetables. It automatically locks in place for a secure hold that’s easy to use.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime E Printables Course Mockup transparent 1

Have you always wanted to start your own side hustle? It can be easier than you ever thought without shipping and inventory by creating digital printables for sale. Learn everything you need to get started with your own business with the E-Printables Side Hustle Course by Gold City Ventures.

I’ve been diving into the course to help improve my own Etsy shop that I started years ago and mostly neglected. With the added motivation I’ve been focusing my efforts on for-purchase printables instead of just creating free printables to boost my blog posts and the sales are picking up. It’s been fun and a great learning experience. Join the free waitlist here to be the first to know when the course opens up again and get started on your own printables journey!

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime Screenshot 2023 05 17 121605

You can keep track of your children while giving them a little leash of freedom to visit neighborhood friends or get involved in sports and clubs this summer with a myFirst Fone R1s watch. It’s a great first option for helping kids feel connected and staying in touch while avoiding all of the unnecessary social media and games that they don’t need access to.

The myFirst Fone R1s includes a phone, music player, camera, clock, GPS tracker, and a fitness tracker. It’s got everything you could want with both entertainment and tools plus parental controls and insights when combined with the myFirst Fone mobile app on a parent’s device. Your child can easily silence the device using Class Mode to avoid distractions.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime NekoleonBodylookingatcamera1500Reedited

Transform your sleep this summer to make the most of every minute with a Body by Honeydew Ultimate Luxury Body Pillow. It’ll be your new BFF to cuddle with through the summer without adding extra heat. It can help to support additional comfort, deeper relaxation, and sounder sleep.

Sleeping with a body pillow between your knees helps better align your spine when sleeping on your side, improving breathing, tossing and turning, and even reducing snoring. You’ll be able to customize the Body by Honeydew Body Pillow to fit you perfectly by removing or adding extra interior fill to make it just the right height for you.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime 061 2

Bring back a favorite game from your childhood with a brand new “spin”, your kids will love collecting itCoinz! You can get started with a Mystery 5-pack of itCoinz and a stainless steel spinner. Just swap out your favorite topper or to match your gameplay, then spin away with endless options of creative games you create!

To help you start with a pre-arranged game, try the itCoinz Game Boards sets that include a game board with one of 4 fun themes and magnetic battle coinz to get you playing! You can pick up new sets of magnetic itCoinz and swap and trade to perfect your collection.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime 91iiSRVKhNL. SL1500

Summer calls for busy days filled with fun and on-the-go days. You can stay fueled for wherever this summer takes you with the help of BUILT bars which are a nutrition bars built to be low on sugar, low in calories, and high in fiber with 17+ grams of protein so you will feel full and fueled. The 12ct Mixed Box will give you variety to try all the flavors and find your favorite.

BUILT’s Protein Bars are uniquely designed with fun flavors that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Choose from the regular BUILT Bar with a chewy nougaty texture that takes longer to eat helping your body have more time to digest and feel full or the BUILT Puffs that have a fluffy light and sweet texture that feels like a marshmallow, but without the guilt.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime Planters

Summertime is a great time for family and friends to gather in the yard for a little fun. This time of year is full of cookouts, outside play, and gardens full of flowers and vegetables. This summer, get your kids up and out playing or even spruce up your yard with some amazing products from Step2.

Step2‘s products are designed to promote children’s development and imagination. The company’s products include various toys and play equipment, such as play kitchens, playhouses, swings, slides, and climbers. They also have an extensive home and patio section with a variety of aesthetically pleasing planters, mailboxes, patio coolers, and even secure package drops to add charm, security, and functionality to your home. Step up your summer with something fun and summer-worthy from Step2. For a limited time, get 15% off using code MOMSTAKE15.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime image 4

With a marathon runner in my family, socks are a big deal. Better weather is a good time for some nice runs and runs need good socks. TRUEENERGY socks are a type of sock that is designed to improve circulation and promote healing. They do this by using infrared technology, which is a type of heat therapy that has been shown to have a number of health benefits.

TRUEENERGY socks are made with a special blend of yarn that contains infrared nano-particles. When these nano-particles come into contact with your body heat, they emit infrared energy. This energy helps to improve circulation by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Improved circulation can help to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation and help speed up the healing process. TRUEENERGY socks are available in a variety of styles and colors. They are perfect for people who are looking for a way to improve their circulation and promote healing.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime image 3

Spring and summer is the ultimate time for seasonal allergies to pop up and for some can mean staying indoors, and feeling miserable. The Sciaire Mini + HEPA air purifier is small, portable, and perfect for small spaces, such as bedrooms, offices, and apartments. It is equipped with a HEPA filter that can remove 99.97% of airborne particles, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. The Sciaire Mini + HEPA DH LifeLabs air purifier also has a plasma ionizer that helps to destroy bacteria and viruses.

The Sciaire Mini + HEPA air purifier is easy to use and super quiet. Simply plug in, turn on, and select fan speed. The air purifier will automatically clean the air in your space. The Sciaire Mini + HEPA air purifier is a great way to improve the air quality in your home. If you are looking for an air purifier for a small space, the Sciaire Mini + HEPA air purifier is a great option.

Meater Plus meat thermometer

Elevate your summer cookout with the MEATER Plus from MEATER. The MEATER PLUS is a wireless smart meat thermometer that takes the guesswork out of cooking by offering perfect results every time. MEATER Plus uses Bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone or tablet. The app allows you to monitor your cook from anywhere in your home, so you can relax and enjoy your company while your food cooks to perfection.

MEATER Plus is easy to use. Simply insert the probe into your meat, place it in the oven or on the grill, and open the app. The app will show you the internal temperature of your meat, as well as the target temperature and estimated cook time. Set up alerts so you’re notified when your meat is ready. MEATER Plus is the perfect tool for any cook who wants to get perfect results every time. It’s easy to use, accurate, and durable. If you’re looking for a way to take your cooking to the next level, MEATER Plus is the perfect solution.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime image 2

Summer is full of adventures. But with adventures also come boo-boos. That’s why Keep Going First Aid Kits are perfect for your summer adventures. Their First Aid Kits are designed to be the perfect companion for families on the go. They are compact, lightweight, and easy to carry, making them ideal for travel, camping, or just keeping in your car.

Keep Going First Aid Kits come with a variety of essential first aid supplies, including bandages, antibiotic ointment, pain relievers, and more. They also include a first aid guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to treat common injuries and illnesses. They are a great way to be prepared for any emergency. They are affordable, easy to use, and come with everything you need to keep your family safe and healthy. If you are looking for an extensive first aid kit that is perfect for families on the go, Keep Going First Aid Kits are the perfect option.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime

Looking for a perfect game for all your summer days? You’ll love this fun and innovative new game – Paddlesmash! It takes the best of pickleball and incorporates it with roundnet for a portable game that can be played in the backyard or at the beach or anywhere in between!

Paddlesmash rounds are short and interactive – each team has just 3 hits to return the ball to the court passing it to the next team. If the ball doesn’t make it’s way pass the net or it falls to the ground, the round ends and a point is scored.

17 Family Favorite Finds for Summertime cocozy

Every mom (and soon to be mother) deserves to feel absolutely comfortable while traveling this summer. Using the Cocozy pillow, you are guaranteed a great night sleep wherever your summer travels take you.

The Cocozy CloudSoft Adjustable Maternity Pillow is a must have for every mother. This pillow saved me, especially during my last trimester of pregnancy. I love how the Cocozy can wrap around your entire body and be maneuvered to help achieve comfort in any sleeping position. Crafted from naturally cooling bamboo fiber, this pillow is perfect for the heat of summer! I also love the plush design and removable (and cleanable) cover. What are you waiting for? You won’t want to go on a vacation without The CoCozy CloudSoft Adjustable Maternity Pillow!

Which of these fun picks would you family love best to enjoy together this summer?


Thursday 31st of August 2023

We were gifted the Meator Plus by my husbands employer! And I admit it took us months and months to first try it out...Oh My Gosh! It is amazing and now we use it no matter what we are grilling or smoking! No longer does he call me out to do the firmness check! aka me poking the steak or chicken breast to see if I think it's done!

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