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Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens

Can you believe that the holiday season is already upon us? As fun as gift-giving can be, finding the perfect gift can be a bit intimidating. Let us help take the stress out of gift-giving with these awesome Christmas gift ideas for kids and teens!

You’ll find all of our favorite picks below with gift ideas for babies and toddlers, lots of awesome gift ideas for kids, and even gifts for those hard-to-shop for tween and teens on your list.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens Christmas Gifts for Kids

We received a variety of samples in exchange for inclusion. Affiliate links are used in this post. All opinions are our own.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens figgy

Creative play is a gift that keeps on giving. With The Figgy play cough, the imaginative possibilities are endless! Use The Figgy to lounge and read, or use the cushions to build a fort! Why not make a fun slide or build a rocket ship? Something that I love about The Figgy is that it looks like furniture when really it has a dual purpose as a toy!

Available in a variety of colors, The Figgy is made with super soft foam, has an added waterproof layer of protection, has hidden zippers, velcro access, and is machine washable! What more could you ask for in a play couch? The Figgy really is the perfect gift for your little one!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens leap frog

An extra set of eyes on baby is the perfect gift to help give mom peace of mind. Thankfully, Leap Frog just launched their new High Definition Smart Baby Monitors giving parents added comfort when baby is sleeping.

Some cool features of this new Leap From High Definition Smart Baby Monitor includes a 5-7 inch screen, the ability for parents to view footage on their phones/tablets, color night vision technology, a smart sensor that alerts parents to motion and environment changes, and an adaptable nightlight. Check out Leap Frog for many more great baby finds this Holiday season!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens Screen Shot 2022 11 22 at 5.03.52 PM 1

Looking for ways for your child to use their energy during the cold months? The Piccalio Climber Pikler Triangle Set provides hours of endless play for your children. Creating a safe place for little ones to climb and slide, the Climber Pikler Triangle Set helps children develop gross motor skills through play.

The Piccalio Climber Pikler Triangle Set comes with a Pikler Triangle and reversible rock wall/slide. So many different and fun ways to play. Something that I really appreciate is the ability for this fun wooden toy to easily fold up for storage. Piccalio also offers a wide variety of other wooden toys such as their wooden balance beam, stepping stones, and helper tower!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens playmobil tower

If you’re looking for a versatile toy, your child will absolutely love PLAYMOBIL! They are fun creative toys that let you use your imagination and roleplay your own storylines in beautiful interactive worlds! Like the Novelmore world of magic, castles, and vibrant characters that make the world come to life!

A favorite pick is the Violet Vale Merchant Carriage that includes a carriage with a hidden cannon and filled with all sorts of special items like a magic crystal skull and ingredients to make potions! It also comes with 2 horses, a magician Armathor, and lots of accessories to enhance playtime.

This Novelmore Advent Calendar Dario’s Workshop would be a fun gift to give early in the season to share with them the excitement of counting down to the holidays with 24 different surprises to open and a fun tower and characters to get them started playing while they wait to unlock the hidden secrets!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens Pop Fun Color Range

One of my favorite gifts for my kids is a quality pair of wireless headphones that let the whole family enjoy their favorite media, without conflicting noise! BuddyPhones offers a variety of wonderful headphone options for kids with SafeAudio that helps protect against hearing loss that can happen with listening to audio at too high of volume!

Your children will love the BuddyPhones Play+ wireless headphones. They last for up to 20 hours on a single charge so they can go cable free or add an audio cable to not worry about battery life. They include a built-in microphone and a unique BuddyLink feature to let more than one child listen in to one device!

Choose the BuddyPhones Cosmos+ if you have a serious audiophile! It’s the world’s only kid’s headphones to include both SafeAudio (limiting the volume to 75/85/94dB) and Active Noise Cancellation technology to help them better hear their audio while blocking out the distracting noises around them. They’re perfect for travel!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens Tonies Web Bundler Nov2022 3tonies with box

Make the most of storytime with Toniebox and an assortment of beloved Tonies! Each different adorable Tonies character comes pre-loaded with stories, music, meditation tracks, facts, or other kid friendly content. You can check out a sample of exactly what’s included and the tracklist to help you decide.

Then, kids can pick what they want to listen to by simply switching out the Tonies character or tapping the side of the Toniebox to switch between tracks. The ears on the box are cleverly designed to adjust volume. And that’s it – no screens needed to enjoy favorite stories all year long!

Check out some of the newest holiday favorites including Disney Holiday Mickey Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, How the Grinch Stole Christmas or Christmas Tales! Order yours by 12/12 for deliver in time for Christmas.

Cool Gifts for Grade School Children

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens geomag glow

What child doesn’t love all things that glow in the dark? Geomag has just upped the level of fun with their hugely popular magnetic rods and sphere sets now in Glow-in-the-Dark made with 100% recycled materials!

Get started with the Geomag Classic Glow Recycled 60-pcs set that includes a variety of magnetic rods and spheres in storage cases to keep them contained and a variety of different shaped panels to help their new creations come to life! It’s a fun interactive STEM based learning toy that helps to improve concentration!

My boys can’t get enough of stacking, arranging, and coming up with new builds with their Geomag toys. Even my teenagers will spend hours playing with them when their younger brother pulls them out to start creating. They really are so much fun!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens nintendo pokemon scarlet

A top pick for all kids on their Christmas wish list is to add a new favorite game for the Nintendo Switch to their collection. There are so many fantastic games to choose from, but I’ll share my favorite 2 for the holidays!

Show off your loyalty with the latest Pokémon Scarlet or Voilet game – which team are you? Whichever title you choose, you’ll be able to catch, battle, and train your Pokémon across a gorgeous landscape of cities, lakes, and even wastelands as you travel across the world on the form-shifting Legendary Pokémon Koraidon!

Another fan favorite is back in Kirby and the Forgotten Land that provides a whole new adventure where you play as Kirby. He is able to copy enemies’ abilities to be able to better explore the world on a hunt to safe the kidnaped Waddle Dees! It’s a fun world of transforming Kirby into real-world objects as he swallows them – from a car to a vending machine and everything in between!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens zip

Looking for the perfect gift to inspire creativity? ZipLinx Jumping Domino Action is the absolute perfect gift! Create unlimited designs using a series of chain reactions, balls, towers, connectors, launchers, and triggers. Seriously, what child doesn’t want sweet domino play with jumping action?

These awesome ZipLinx can jump up to 30 inches tall! Plus, with over 9 feet of linx, the creative possibilities are endless. Perfect for kids (and adults) ages 6+ you can find ZipLinx Jumping Domino Action on Amazon!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens dart blaster

Nothing makes my kids happier than shooting darts at targets (and each other). Perfect for hours of entertainment, Buzz Bee Toys Adventure Force Alpha Auto 72 kicks dart blasting up a level. Holding 72 darts at a time, this automatic blaster fires at top speed!

The Adventure Force Blitz 6 is another top blaster your child will love! The Blitz shoots 6 darts up to 100 feet with great accuracy and speed! Talk about so many fun activities and dart battles to be had thanks to Buzz Bee Toys.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens make it real

Have a fashionista in the family? Make it Real 5-in-1 activity tower provides hours of hands on crafting! With over 1600 pieces to create jewelry, make bracelets, necklaces, etc. The fun part about this tower is that you can keep your beads and supplies easily organized and even have a place to display your finished work.

With a variety of different kinds of string, beads, clasps, and pattern holder, your little fashionista will enjoy creating jewelry for all of her friends. This Make it Real 5-in-1 activity tower can be found at Target.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens Speedhound SS22 Lifestyle 1026194 1

While I love to give fun gifts, practical gifts matter, too! We are HUGE fans of KEEN footwear in our home. With 4 boys who are rough and tough on shoes they provide high quality shoes that last until they outgrow them!

My favorite new picks include the Big Kids’ Sped Hound shoes with made with a quick-dry lining for active use and an eco anti-odor so you don’t end up with stinky shoes! Or try out the sleek Big Kids’ Knotch Peak Sneaker that are washable and ready for year-round use!

Kids will also love their Big Kids’ Snow Troll Waterproof Boot in 3 color combinations. They will be ready for a snow day, stomping in rain puddles, a trip to the mountains, or just heading out in cold weather on adventures in these lightweight but warm boots! The 400g of KEEN.WARM insulation is rated for up to -40°F!

Holiday Gifts for Teens

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens villianous star wars

Star Wars™ will love the latest title in the popular Villainous Board Game series by Ravensburger. It’s an asymmetrical game where each character has their own unique tech, special abilities, even goal to complete. You’ll work hard to try to accomplish your own personal goal while also try to slow down your opponents progress at the same time.

We’ve played all the previous titles of Villianous and it’s a game we just love to bring to the table! It’s such a fun and immersive game that make you really connect and feel like you’re playing just like your villain would! The story elements and actions all come together in such a satisfying way that it’s a game we really enjoy.

Now, in Star Wars Power of the Dark Side Villainous game, you’ll get to choose from one of these 5 famous villains to play as: Darth Vader, Kylo Ren, General Grievous, Asajj Ventress, or Moff Gideon. You will try your best to battle away any heroes that come your way as you complete a unique objective to win the game!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens 71vrRbqeJoL. AC SL1500

I’m so excited to give these Ohuhu markers as Christmas gifts. I grabbed a couple of different sets. One for my mother who loves journaling and calligraphy and another for my daughter who is pursuing an art major in college. Ohuhu markers are so versatile and great for any skill level, the beginner or the expert, that I know they are both going to love them.

With all of Ohuhu’s marker options, you’ll have the right tool to get the style and look to whatever you’re creating. Grab the artistic person on your list some markers from Ohuhu this holiday season. When you head over to their site, you can also check out their other art products like the watercolor and acrylic paint sets.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids & Teens quintis christmas lights

My tweens and teens love to decorate their space for the holidays and year round! What better way to make the season festive then by letting your older children decorate their rooms with LED Christmas lights that are safe to touch as they don’t heat up like incandescent bulbs.

Quntis shop on Amazon has lots of Christmas lights and decoration options! I love the 328′ long Diamond Cluster strands that have 1000 LED bulbs!! They’ll cover your tree from head to toe or decorate their room with lots of sparkly lights to enjoy. Choose from warm white or multicolor.

Another fun option is their Christmas Window Star Curtain Lights that include three rainbow color light-up stars that are battery powered so they can be used anywhere and the included adhesive hooks for easy installation. They’re so cute and perfectly themed for the season, plus you can’t beat the price!

Which of these Christmas gift ideas for kids and teens did you love best? Which ones will you pick up for gifting this year?


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

There are a lot of great ideas on here. I think my kids would love the Pokemon game. They really love Pokemon.


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

These are great picks. I love the building sets. They're great for making learning part of the fun.


Wednesday 30th of November 2022

I mean, I know Pokemon is traditionally for kids, but this Pokemon geek is absolutely getting it for his own Christmas present. Never grow up!

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