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Top Christmas Gifts for Adults

It’s almost time for Christmas!!! Bring on the cold weather, comfy jammies, snuggly blankets, magical lights, good food, quality time with family and of course, GIFTS! There is just something so magical and fun about Christmas time. We’re closing out the year and going out with a bang.

This year, make Christmas special for those close to you. To help with the gifting part, we’re here with this great list of fantastic product finds. Whether your person is techy, artsy, organized or just still trying to find themselves, we have found some awesome brands with great gift ideas. Merry Christmas and happy gifting!

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults Christmas Gifts for Adults

We received a variety of samples in exchange for inclusion. Affiliate links are included in this post. All opinions are our own.

Favorite Family Finds for Christmas

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults cookies for santa pajamas

Does your family have a favorite holiday tradition you look forward to every year? One of ours is Christmas Pajamas! Caden Lane has the cutest holiday pajamas for the whole family!

We mixed and matched the Cookies for Santa and the Cookie Crew holiday pajamas for a variety of coordinating pajamas with a subtle pink, blue, and white backdrop and lots of adorable cookie cutouts and gingerbread friends! I loved that there were options for the little, bigger kids, and even the adults so we could coordinate but pick out styles that would be comfortable for us with a choice of a jogger or lounge bottoms.

I was so thrilled to be able to have something a little girly in this house full of boys where usually matching pajamas turns to boy or neutral family styles. This year, I picked these super soft Cookies for Santa Lounge Pants in Pink! They’ll go perfectly with our other favorite tradition — making grandma’s-recipe cut out sugar cookies!

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults 20221029 194217

Light up your home through the holidays and all year long with the help of Ustellar smart programmable LED flood lights! If you want to instantly transform your home for the holidays, you’ll love these lights!

The GemBand Smart Flood Lights RGBW 6-pack can help you make a statement, with whatever colors you choose. They are so easy to set up just plug them into an outdoor outlet and use the included stakes to place the lights facing your home exterior or landscaping. There are 10 feet of cable between each light to help you light up a wide area!

We love decorating for the holidays, and for us, the décor simply wouldn’t be complete without lighting! The GemBand Smart Flood Lights made it SO easy! Just plug, place, and then play around with the color settings until it was just right! They deliver beautiful rich colors that completely transformed our home for both Halloween and Christmas.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults groupon things to do

Find fun holiday outings for the whole family with Groupon’s selection of local things to do and events, dining offers, and more! It’s a great way to find an outing the whole group can enjoy, especially when relatives come to visit! Experience gifts are a perfect gift for the family member that has everything!

I love looking on Groupon to find out what events are coming to town that my crew would enjoy. I can usually find a few great options like a local Christmas lights display, a live theater show or concert to attend, and activities that everyone can participate in.

Our very favorite is booking a fun escape room for a group and we usually do an escape room experience on every vacation within the states. It’s a wonderful way to have a bonding experience as you work together towards a goal and there are so many unique and thrilling themes to try, we haven’t given up yet!

Holiday Gifts for Her

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults WHC 0152

A must-have tech favorite this year for gifting is a pair of 1MORE’s high-quality headphones with an option for whatever style she loves best. Choose from in-ear, on-ear, over-the-ear, wired and wireless options that are all expertly designed for an immersive listening experience.

She will love the EVO True wireless active noise canceling headphones that deliver on both style and features. They’ll give you the flexibility to be on the go, accept calls, listen to your favorite media, or be more productive at work. With the QuietMax active noise cancellation technology, you’ll be able to adjust the noise around you by up to 42dB to help you focus on what you’re trying to hear.

Another great choice is the Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones which are easy to take with you anywhere and deliver excellent sound quality in a small package. They are expertly tuned and deliver precise sounds with two balanced armatures and a separate dynamic driver to give your audio depth, power, and clarity.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults So Typical Me image

For the lady that loves to be organized and on top of her schedule, there’s nothing better than the customizations found in a So Typical Me planner or notebook! I fell in love with their planner last year and I’m so excited about their brand-new customizable notebook or journal option.

It is so much fun to work through each step of the customization progress to make a yearly planner that will fit your own unique needs, interest, and goals for the upcoming year. You can pick out the layout style, start date, and even customize modules to make it completely 100% unique to you.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults dtc133w pt05 1

We live in a very digital world. Almost everything we do can be done on a computer or a phone. Including pictures, videos, music and even art. Whoever you are gifting for this year, Wacom has the perfect gift for them.

Wacom has a large selection of digital drawing tablets, pen computers and screen displays for the beginner hobbyist, student or professional. Wacom’s natural pen and paper feel, make it super easy to create and explore all of the digital possibilities. With Wacom, they can freehand draw, design games, edit photos, and videos, sign documents, or even just take notes.

Their selection of stylist pens makes sure that your artist gets the right feel for them. Most, if not all, Wacom tablets come with creative software, can connect to Android devices, and can be used with a Chromebook. Help your artist enhance and elevate their creative experience this year by gifting them a digital screen, pen computer, or tablet from Wacom.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults image 2

Bring the rich and flavorful spice of the Mediterranean to your family table this year with Olivo Amigo. Whether it’s you that’s the foodie or the person on your list, you can’t go wrong with Olivo Amigo’s variety of delicious quality ingredients. Their new Aperitivo gift set is a perfect sampling of the Mediterranean experience. Every drop, drizzle, and pinch is crafted to elevate and announce the flavors in your food.

Olivo Amigo’s story started in Spain “where happiness is built around the table and food is an experience that is celebrated”. Their extra virgin olive oil is rich in quality, antioxidants, and of course, flavor! It is sustainably sourced from family farms where it is hand-picked in small batches. Olivo Amigo’s products come in table-ready, beautifully crafted bottles that will accentuate your table and leave guests asking, “where did you get these? This year, help build connections around the table with savory food, infused with love from Spain and Olivo Amigo.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults 71i+Nd3VW L. AC SL1500

Nothing is better than having the family gathered together around the table for the holidays. All of your favorite foods and people all in one place. No matter how large your family may be, make it a fancy and festive meal with a beautiful dish set from Vancasso. Their dinnerware is sure to spruce up your family get-together and be an elegant accessory to your holiday feast.

Vancasso dish sets can be bought to fit your family size. In sets for 4,6,8 or even 12 people, you’ll be sure to have a place setting for everyone on the list. Whether you’re having dinner or dessert, cooking or baking, Vacasso has just the right dish you’ll need. Their large selection of beautifully crafted dinnerwear is anywhere from gorgeously eloquent to colorful and playful. With stoneware or porcelain selections in many different styles and colors, Vancasso is sure to have something to fit your style. Set your table this holiday season with a stunning new dish set from Vancasso.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults dna parental matches

Do you or someone you’re buying for have an interest in where they came from? Maybe they are interested in history? They could be adopted, or have grown up in foster care and wondered if they have any relatives that could tell them stories about where they came from. Maybe they have traits and physical features that they are curious about where they originate from. Or maybe they are big family history buffs and are trying to locate branches of the family tree. This year, they can find out with an AncestryDNA Kit.

An AncestryDNA kit will give you much more than the location of where your ancestors originate from. It can connect you to the places in the world where your story started. It may even connect you to living relatives. You could learn about specific regions where your family originated from and their journey as they moved and migrated. Discover physical attributes and hidden traits. Piece together your family tree with an AncestryDNA kit from Ancestry.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults Manta PRO Buy Box 10 1400x

Could there ever be a better gift for her than a good night’s sleep? That’s why I love Manta Sleep’s truly blackout sleep masks! They have adjustable eye cups that come off of the band and can be placed, as needed, to fit your eye shape, width, and placement so not only is it comfortable to wear, but it truly blackouts all the light!

With the Manta Sleep Mask PRO they’ve updated to c-shaped eye cups to give ultimate comfort for side sleepers that doesn’t add any pressure to your eyelids or lashes. It’s even made with advance materials to and ventilation and breathability so you can wear the sleep mask comfortably all night long.

Christmas Gifts for Guys

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults carved knives

If you’re looking for a statement gift he will treasure for a lifetime, I’m digging the gorgeous EDC pocket knives by Carved. They feature a gorgeous wood and resin inlay that definitely makes a statement with a choice of vibrant color combinations to choose from or subtle greens, black, or natural hues if that’s more his style.

The Carved Pocket Knives are made with a titanium handle which keeps the knife lightweight but strong. Then, open up the 440C stainless steel blade that’s considered the best choice for holding a sharp edge. You can even customize the knife to a Stainless Damascus for a unique blade he’ll cherish. See all the color options at Carved Knives here.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults elegear camping pad

The adventure seekers will be thrilled with some new outdoor gear, especially if it encourages a loved one or the family to come along. Check out Elegear Double Sleeping Pad for Camping. It’s a 4″ ultra-thick camping pad that self-inflates with a built-in easy to use foot pump. It compacts way down making it perfect to bring along anywhere you go.

Elegear has thought of everything. This Double Sleeping Pad for Camping even comes with an inflatable pillow attached. Plus two double layer valves to prevent air leakage and help you deflate it quickly, when it’s time to packup. You can be confident in your purchase as it’s backed by a one-year warranty!

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults trend him tie

You can’t go wrong with gifting him high quality accessories he will use for years to come! Trendhim has a wonderful assortments of gifts for men that he’s sure to love! One of my favorites is this Burgundy & White Stitched Tie. It looks really nice and professional, would work perfectly for a holiday party while still staying classy, and it’s affordable, too!

I’m also loving the California Tan Bifold Wallet. It’s not overly bulk but still can fit all the things he needs with 9 card slots and a dedicated fold out flap for his ID. It’s designed in Denmark and made with genuine leather. I love the pinstripe lining that makes it easy to see into the 2 deep pockets and find just what he’s looking for.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults inifinity

For the guy that likes some serious power, he’s going to love the Infinity X1 Hybrid Power Flashlight. It’s has an impressive 5000 Lumens that will literally light up the entire room! The light casts as far as 200m distance and give a wide and clear view of what’s ahead of you.

The Infinity X1 Hybrid Power Flashlight can run off either the included rechargeable battery core by USB or swap it out for the Dry Cell Core that uses 9 AA batteries. I really appreciate the ability to recharge as flashlights can go through batteries pretty quickly, and this way we can save on replacement batteries but have the backup option should it ever be needed. The flashlight can run for up to 5 hours on a charge.

Top Christmas Gifts for Adults PlusPI1

For the person on your list looking for some work-life balance, Mobile Pixels is where it’s at. They have a large selection of tech gifts to make work life fun and productive. From cameras, cases, privacy screens, hubs, folding keyboards, and my personal favorite, portable monitors. The Duex Plus monitor is compatible with Mac, Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Android phones.

Mobil Pixel’s Duex Plus monitor is a fantastic way to add an extra screen to your laptop or game system. Making it much easier to get more done and be efficient, whatever work looks like and wherever work takes you. Its 1080P screen is 13.3 inches, lightweight at 1.3 lbs, ultra-thin, and therefore easily portable and packable. Its blue light filtering and plug-and-play design make it the ideal companion to work, study, or have fun anytime you choose.

Which of these Christmas gift ideas for adults suggestions did you love best? What’s on your holiday wish list this year?

Angela Ricardo Bethea

Wednesday 7th of December 2022

Those are some wonderful selections of Christmas gift ideas to keep in mind. Would love to get matching pajamas for the whole family, I bet we would all be so adorable.

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