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What Kind of Smartphone Do You Have?

Technology and smartphones change so quickly that it feels like there is always a need to take the mobile phone trade in option every single year, at least! A few years ago, I had just a very basic flip phone that could barely do picture messages. Now a days, I rely on my phone to be my primary camera when I’m out and about and the cameras keep improving all the time! Gone are the days of teeny tiny screens and a number pad keyboard for tying on, which is an upgrade I was so glad to see!

We have been Windows Phone users since we first added a smartphone to our home, though, and I’m curious to how it compares to the other carriers. I really, really love the interface and how easy it is to navigate and find anything I need. The only thing I wish was that there was a larger app marketplace for Windows Phone as I know it’s lacking quite a bit there. I’ve been antsy to see an Instagram app so I can share cool vintage looking pictures like I often see!

What type of smartphone do you have? Do you use Apple, Android, Windows or something else? What is your favorite thing about your phone? Are there things you wish you could change about it?

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Ellen Beck

Monday 17th of December 2012

I dont hhave a smartphone with any smarts anyway as I dont have a data plan just basic calls.

Kristyn Featherston

Monday 17th of December 2012

We have iPhones. I love the apps and the tricks that I can use on the phone. The one thing that I wish iPhones had is a better way to navigate through typed texts in message or on the internet. I usually misspell words and when I go to change the word or add new words, my fingertips often hit another place in the text. It gets frustrating sometimes!

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