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5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water!

Are you working on your New Year resolutions and goals for the upcoming year? There’s one goal that will help your family’s overall health and wellness and even save you money and it’s a super easy swap — simply drink more water this year!

I’m sharing 5 easy tips to help your family make drinking water a habit and part of your family culture, plus sharing my thoughts on the Big Berkey Water Filter below.

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Drink More Water

I received a Big Berkey Water Filter in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

5 Ways to Help Your Family
Drink More Water this Year!

1. Avoid Juice & Soda

This may seem obvious, but it’s the easiest swap! According to CNN Health, roughly 30% of kids have 2 or more sugary drinks a day! Simply remove the sugary drink options and your children will drink much more water!

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey3

It may be an adjustment for your child at first, but they’ll quickly come to love water when they’ve had a clear break from juice and soda.

You’ll also cut out the big monthly price tag that can come with drinks including milk, juice, soda, and more.

2. Keep Water in Sight

As humans, we always want to choose the easiest route. We prefer to choose the option that has the least steps to complete or choices to make. If you have a source of water right in sight easy to spot with a stash of cups or water bottles stored right beside it, you’ll take away the internal struggle of lots of choices.

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey1

Water will be easier than ever to spot, choose, and enjoy throughout the day with a Big Berkey Water Filter. It’s considered the best of the best countertop water filters by many in the Emergency Preparedness circles.

Big Berkey Water Filter

The Big Berkey size can hold 2 gallons of filtered water in the lower chamber. That’s enough for a family of 4’s daily water goals (8 oz x 8 cups a day x 4 people)! Just refill the Berkey once a day and you’ll be helping your family meet their daily water goals!

1. Water Dispenses FAST! My family has been using the Big Berkey for a month and half now and we love how quickly it dispenses water (much faster than our fridge!). Since it’s already filtered and just waiting for a cup to fill, it actually saves me quite a bit of time when I go to refill.

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey2

2. Good Clean Water: The powerful Black Berkey Filters remove harmful bacteria, viruses, chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, VOC’s, and inorganic material. Read all the different things it can remove on that page for TONS more details! Berkey has been tested to remove more than 10,000 times the concentration of pathogens per liter than is required by standard test protocols.

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! 20221217 113029

3. Water Taste: The taste of the water definitely has differences from our tap water and our water after the fridge water filter. It tastes really clean, pure, and light like there aren’t any heavy minerals in the water. It’s hard to describe what that tastes like. I would say, it took a little getting used to, but now we LOVE the water!

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey5

4. Easy to Use & Refill: The Berkey system is SO easy to use! It takes about a half an hour when you first set it up with priming the filters and installing them. But then, we just refill the top once a day with a pitcher and we always have water ready and waiting for us. It filters through really quickly so even if you run the Berkey dry, you’ll have water ready again in about a minute.

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey6

5. Cost Savings: There is a low upfront cost to purchase a Berkey Water Filter. When you compare all the options, they really provide an incredible value for the cost. You won’t need a super expensive in-home filtration and you’ll skip the in-fridge filters that are very expensive and have to be changed every 3-6 months.

The Black Berkey Purification Replacement Elements are rated to filter up to 6,000 gallons of water before they need to be replaced! For most homes, you’ll be looking at replacing your filters about every 4 years.

Save on Replacement Filters on the Big Berkey Water Filters website:

When you need replacement filters, check out Big Berkey Water Filters they’re the only certified company with an A+ rating form the Better Business Bureau. They ship out orders quickly and have lots of helpful resources on their website to help you get started with your Berkey system.

3. Be an Example

Your children will follow your lead and want to mimic what you do, especially the younger they are. If they see you choosing alternate drinks, they’ll be begging for those drinks, too.

Water can play a huge role in achieving overall health goals. Not only will you be teaching your children to love water and choose it as their go-to drink of choice, you’ll create lifetime healthy habits!

4. Use Reusable Water Bottles

My husband and I started using reusable water bottle throughout the day instead of a cup. It’s helped me get in a ton more water throughout the day for a few reasons:

  • It’s always with me
  • It holds more water than my cup
  • I need to refill less often
  • I choose alternate drinks less often
5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey1 3

One of the big ones is having to refill less often. I can’t tell you how many times I would be in my office working and go for a drink from my cup, but it be empty so I just ignore that urge and push through continuing to work.

Since my water bottle holds 32oz, I only need to refill it in the morning and then refill it after lunch and I meet my water goal for the day!

As a bonus perk, there’s much less random cups lingering all around the home when everyone just uses their go-to water bottle day in and day out.

5. Track & Make it a Habit

A great way to help your family focus on drinking more water each day is to create a physical reminder with a simple printable water tracker! I’ve created one you can download below.

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey2 2

Just print out a family water tracker and place it right by your Berkey Water Filter. Encourage the whole family to mark off their progress throughout the day and week.

One thing that really encourages my boys is to make things a competition! Everyone will be racing to drink more water throughout the day if you offer a simple prize such as a date night out with mom and dad or a special later bedtime for the winner!

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey4 2

It will help to keep the whole family accountable towards each other by working on a new goal together.

Printable Family Water Tracking Chart

To help you and your family get in the habit of drinking more water daily I’ve created a simple and cute water chart to help give you a visual reminder to drink more water!

You’ll just choose the chart that fits your family size or print 2 charts if your family has more than 6 people. Write the family member’s name in the box on the far left and then mark off a circle for every cup (8oz) of water you drink!

You can mark off the water as you fill it up your cup or water bottle and keep the chart right by your Berkey. Now, make it a competition to see who can fill in the most boxes each week.

Keep going for 4 weeks in a row and you’ll have made great strides towards creating a habit.

5 Ways to Help Your Family Drink More Water! Berkey3 2

**Download Family Weekly Water Tracker Here**

What other things have helped your family to drink more water daily?


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