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5 Tricks to Simplify Holiday Shopping

The key to saving your sanity this holiday season is to simplify in whatever ways you can. That may mean taking on less commitments, skimming down your to-shop-for list, or just carefully planning your schedule. Here are some tricks that can help you to simplify your holiday shopping routine.

This is a sponsored post, I am a Sears Blogger Squad blogger, though all opinions are my own.

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  1. Prepare Your List

Make your holiday lists early. Plan out who you would like to purchase gifts and plan around a budget. Jot down up to three gift ideas for each individual to help you stay focused in-stores, while still allowing flexibility. Don’t be afraid to skim down your list of recipients to only those closest to your family.

  1. Shop Early!

The sooner you start chipping away at your holiday purchases, the less stressful your holiday season will be. Spreading out the gift purchases can also help ease your budgeted expenses, and starting early can help with that process. I try to have all my Christmas shopping done before December 1st. That allows me to relax and enjoy our holiday traditions and activities without fretting about shopping.

  1. Meet With An Expert

If you are shopping for new appliances this holiday season, turn to an expert to help skip the time consuming search through consumer reviews, opinions of friends and family, consumer reports, and the slew of options that will make your head spin. Sears’ new, free Meet With An Expert service will be there to help. Now, you’ll have an expert on your side that can help walk you through all the options, features, specs and pricing to find the best product within your budget. Together, you’ll compare different models side-by-side and have someone to answer any questions that come to mind right in the store before your purchase.

You’ll start by scheduling an appointment with just a few clicks on the product page you were eyeing by selecting the time and store of your preference on the Sears website. A knowledgeable associate from Sears will then call to confirm your appointment time. Next, head in and let the experts take over navigating you through your big decision, they’ll stay with you as long as you need. Not ready to purchase in stores? No problem! You’ll be equipped with a shopping recap email that summarizes the information you discussed with the expert in-store to help you complete your purchase when you’re ready.

When I helped my dad shop for a fridge as a Father’s Day gift earlier this year, we started by browsing the selection online and thought we had the fridge picked out. But heading in stores and speaking with a very helpful associate, we were able to hear about the potential drawbacks and benefits of each feature or design aspect. Such as, an ice maker that frequently spills ice when you open the door or a water spout that is poorly placed. With their guidance, we were able to feel confident in which fridge would be best for my dad to suit his needs.

Schedule an appointment to Meet With An Expert here:

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  1. Duplicate Gifts!

You can save a ton of time (and stress) by picking out a few favorite gift ideas and gifting from the same top items for each of your recipients. One year, we passed out a favorite book to all our grown siblings. Another year, everyone one was gifted pajama bottoms and a pair of slippers! It might sound boring, but it’s actually has become a fun tradition!

  1. Return/Exchange/Pick-up Without Leaving Your Car!

Save even more time this holiday season, take advantage of Sears In-Vehicle Pickup, Return or Exchange service. Simply check-in on the Sears or Shop Your Way mobile app to alert your local store that you are in the parking lot and a staff member will help you return, exchange, or pick-up your order. There’s no charge and you are guaranteed assistance in 5 minutes or less (without even unbuckling your seat belt!)

I love the quality and selection at Sears, but toting my little boys through the mall is tiring. I love that this service saves me time, energy, stress, and still lets me shop for or change a gift purchase (return or exchange) without the hassle of lines or a wait.

Visit Sears to help you simplify your shopping and get the most out of this holiday season. Sears has hot appliance deals this week as part of their Veteran’s Day sale that runs through November 14th. Head in-stores while the sale lasts. Would you love to give the Meet With An Expert service a shot?

What are your tricks to simplify your holiday shopping?

Maggie Branch

Thursday 19th of November 2015

I could not agree more that it's good to have your shopping done by December 1st! You're not digging yourself into a hole by spreading out the spending plus you're able find just the right gift for everyone without the stress of a time crunch. I didn't know Sears had a talk with an expert service. That is very cool and extremely helpful!

Christian Alejandro

Monday 16th of November 2015

Can't complain about the flexibility involved.


Monday 16th of November 2015

Sounds like a great service!

Ellen Casper

Monday 16th of November 2015

Sounds great - Expert answers & product insight

Tina Reynolds

Monday 16th of November 2015

I like being able to get a ton of information from an expert before purchasing

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