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Free & (Clean) Fun Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt Party Printable

My best friend got married this year and I was thrilled to be able to spoil her and throw a bachelorette party. I went on a google search look for a fun bachelorette scavenger hunt for her party.

However, all the bachelorette parties ideas I found online were geared towards the bar. That wasn’t our scene, so I decided it was time to make my own. I found a good bachelorette party scavenger hunt idea as a starting point – to base this activity off the Amazing Race – and went from there!

The result is a good clean fun activity – scavenger hunt that is great for any group or outing that doesn’t rely on a bar (or drinking challenges) and is a little off the beaten path.

This started as my bachelorette scavenger hunt game party inspiration and from there we added a dinner out and some minute to win it games that I will share in another post!

Easy Scavenger Hunt for Bachelorette Party

To get started with planning a bachelorette party scavenger hunt, you’ll want to think about your guest count, location, time available and schedule and then you can adjust the challenges below to best fit your group.

We have 6 ready to go challenges but you can add additional bachelorette challenges to these, remove a few challenges, or whatever works best for your group. You can then decide how many groups you need to break up the guests into. You could also add a few bonus points challenges to add in even more challenge in a fun way!

I recommend 2-5 guests per group. Don’t be afraid to mix up the groups with guests that haven’t met. This is a great way for guests to get to know each other before the wedding! But you can adjust the groups to best fit your guest list. You can have only one team if you’re a small group and run through the challenges together. Or, break into 2, 3, or 4 groups and go head-to-head to see who can complete the challenges first!

Now, for location. Since we did our bachelorette hunt in the midst of covid, we just ran the entire challenge at our local Walmart. You can do all of these challenges inside one big box store. It will make the activity much faster, it will probably take 20-30 minutes to run through all 6 challenges.

For more excitement and fun, you can limit the challenges to start in one car per group and let them loose on the town. Set a rule that you can’t complete more than 1 challenge per location. This will up the activity time to 45-60 minutes for most groups.

Bachelorette Scavenger Challenges

Now, let’s take a look at the scavenger hunt list and challenges included in this printable! You’ll first see the actual challenge, exactly how it’s presented in the printable. Then, check our notes below each challenge for any additional tips or explanation.

Challenge 1: Going on a Man Hunt

Find five different guys and have them sign below! Collect 5 signatures to move on to the next challenge.

A guy wearing a hat – _________________________

A guy in plaid – ______________________________

A guy with nice hair – _________________________

A guy wearing a tie – _________________________

A guy with a sports t-shirt – _____________________

You can easily adjust what “types of guys” to look for to better fit your season, location, or your bride’s interests. We found the guys were so friendly and willing to help with a quick signature.

Challenge 2: Search Your Purse

Decide among your group on ONE person to attempt this challenge! They will open their purse and try to find all 4 items.

– Something Old                    – Something New     
– Something Borrowed         – Something Blue

If they succeed, take a picture and move on to the next challenge! Otherwise, set a 2-minute penalty timer and let the next team member try until you have each tried (and served the penalty) or succeeded!

Start with just one party guest and let them dig through their purse to find something from each of the 4 traditional wedding categories. My group we all had the tiniest travel purses since we were out of town. Still, we were able to stretch it a little and find items to match each category!

Challenge 3: Wedding Advice

Head to a local library or bookstore where you will hunt for the following three things. Take a picture of what you find to complete the challenge!

1. Find a piece of wedding advice (on any topic) and search the book for a tip that’s worthy to share!

2. Find a book about travel to _____! Find something to recommend to the couple for their Honeymoon!

3. Search for a love story that matches the couple’s “story”! Add it to her recommend reads list.

Head to a book store to find an even better selection. At Walmart, the pickings were slim and we actually ran into the competitive group during this challenge! It was fun trying to block each other from the few travel books we spotted! This fun photo hunt will give you something to show after the party!

Challenge 4: The Perfect Match

This is an either/or activity – pick one to complete!

Find a Guy with the Groom’s First Name

Pick a spot and search for a guy with the name _____! Have him sign here to proceed: _________________

Find the Perfect Wedding Colors

Head to a store with paint chips! Pick one participant to close their eyes. Spin them around and have them pick two paint chips (without peeking!) Find _____ and _____ in the same try to complete this challenge!

For this challenge, the groups may choose completely different tasks to perform. You’ll just pick and complete one of these two. We both opted for paint colors, since our groom had an uncommon name. You can adjust the second challenge if it seems like one or the other will be too difficult for your circumstances.

Challenge 5: Wedding Day Looks

Let’s source wedding day accessories for the bride. Each participant picks one set below to gather. Each set must be UNDER $10 total retail. Split up to find your items then find each other again to snap a picture of each set to complete this challenge. 

1. Morning Nerves: A pair of slippers and sleep mask.

2. Finishing Touches: A wedding day hairpiece and necklace.

3. Wedding Night: White lingerie and condoms.

This challenge was the favorite! It might sound easy, but it had us running all over the store and on our own — and then trying to find each other and meet up in the store again! It was really fun and felt like a shopping spree challenge. Keeping under the $10 budget was harder than expected, and added to the fun!

If you have larger groups (more than 3-4) maybe consider adding additional categories here to give each participant their own shopping challenge.

Challenge 6: Good Luck!

This is an either/or activity – pick one to complete!

Find a Penny

Locate a penny with the Bride’s Birth Year! (_____) It cannot be a penny you started the night with! Bring the penny with you back to the car and finish the race!

Get the Help of Strangers

Get 3 strangers to text the bride to wish her wedding congrats! When you have all five head back to the car to finish the race! The bride will confirm the texts!

Here is the final challenge and it’s another either/or! Just pick one that the group likes best and then race to the finish line. Make sure the party guests know the bride’s phone number!!

At the end of the night you can share and swap pictures from all the challenges to remember the big night!

Assembling the Scavenger Hunt

To make your bachelorette scavenger hunt, simply edit this document to fill in specific details specific to your bride and event.

  • Challenge 3: Honeymoon location
  • Challenge 4: Groom’s first name, wedding colors
  • Challenge 6: Bride’s birth year

Then, print out as many copies as you need with one set of challenge cards for each group. Each 3-page print out will provide two complete sets of challenge cards.

Cut out each card and place them in sequential order inside an envelope. Make sure to let the guests know they can only read one challenge at a time, before moving on.

That’s all there is to it – easy and ready to go for a fun night on the town and the best part is it doesn’t cost anything! We hope this list of ideas will get you started to make your own perfect bachelorette party game with a little creativity you can make it unique to your party guests and the bridal party!

Printable Bachelorette
Scavenger Hunt

Print out one copy of this 3-page Printable Bachelorette scavenger hunt for each set of 2 groups. The challenges are all the same for each group to help keep the activity fair and consistent!

Click here to —->
Download the Bachelorette
Scavenger Hunt Printable.

We’d love to hear your feedback! Did your group try this scavenger hunt? How did it go? Do you have any other fun challenges or ideas to add or customize this printable? Please share in the comments to help others, too!

I hope your bride enjoys her last hurrah as much as the guests will! A girls night out on the town with some traditional games will always be a fun activity to remember!

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