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Our Favorite New Finds for Spring

Spring is finally here and with it comes the spring showers, warmer weather, and a time to refresh our space for the season ahead. Today, we’ve selected some of our favorite finds perfect for spring to share with you. We’ve curated products to freshen up your home, beauty and fashion favorites, items perfect for your festivities, and some unique picks, too!

Favorite New Finds for Spring

We received samples in exchange for this post. Affiliate links are included below. All opinions are our own.

Fresh Home Picks

Did you know there’s a different approach to laundy detergent that’s light, easy to use, and completely mess free? Tru Earth offers eco-friendly laundry strips that will remind you of a dryer sheet. You simply tear one pre-measured strip of laundry detergent off the sheet and toss it in with your laundry load.

Tru Earth Eco-Strips are low-sudsing and work in all types of washing machines, including HE. They are also designed to be clean and safe for the environment and are paraben-free, phosphate-free, with no added dyes or chlorine bleach. It’s even hypoallergenic and great for those with sensitive skin. Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent is so cool and easy to use and I love them for travel!

Simplify the process of spraying for pests, weeds, and other needs with Petratools HD4000 Battery Backpack Sprayer. This professional grade sprayer has a super long battery life to keep you going throughout the job. It comes with 6 different nozzle attachments to help you get just the right application for your needs. With options for shower, stream, mist, and more and adjustable pressure to match the job.

We used the Petratools HD4000 Backpack Sprayer to help tackle weeds in our garden beds and in our lawn and it was so easy to use. It works like a dream not having to pump to spray. Instead, we purchased a concentrated solution, added water and the equivalent solution recommendation, and we were able to tackle a big section of our lawn before needing to refill. The HD4000 Backpack Sprayer worked great and was easy and convenient!

Papaya offers a smart way to upgrade to an eco-friendly solution to the traditional paper towels! With their reusable paper towels, you can replace the use of 17 disposable rolls of paper towels with just with cloth! Papaya reusable paper towels absorb up to 20x its own weight in liquid making it super absorbent and great for wiping up spills and messes in the kitchen and around the home.

Papaya Paper Towels are easy to clean, too. You can either wash with soap and water and let dry, toss them in with your laundry loads and air dry, or put them in the top rack of your dishwasher during a cycle for clean and fresh towels that can be used again and again. I love the funky and fun prints that really brighten up my kitchen and make cleaning less of a chore. The Papaya reusable paper towels absorb a ton and feel great to use!

Cover your bed in the comfort and luxury of a Cariloha Bamboo Fleece Blanket. It’s sized just right to fit a King or Queen mattress and add a layer of softness and warmth for when you want extra layers or are ready to ditch your heavy comforter as the weather warms. The bamboo fleece fabric is naturally great at regulating body temperatures making it perfect for all seasons.

You can then top your bed, or add this favorite to your cozy spot on the couch, with a Plush Bamboo Throw Blanket. I love it in the gorgeous Blue Lagoon color or pick the perfect neutral for your space. It is a thick and oh-so-buttery-soft blanket that has a thick pile you just want to bury your face in. I love that it has some weight to the blanket and it’s not super thin so it actually keeps me warm and cozy.

Beauty Favorites

Freshen up your look for spring with Color Wow that will care for your color-treated hair while making your hair look amazing with styling products and conditioning treatments that will care for all your hair needs. Get started with a kit that matches your needs, like this Smooth Kit that includes Color Security Shampoo and Conditioner plus a Dream Coat Anti-Humidity Spray that will give you perfectly silky hair that won’t frizz in humidity.

Finish off your perfect look with Color Wow’s Cult Favorite that’s a firm yet flexible hairspray that does it all! It’s flexible enough to be touched, brushed, and adjusted and won’t leave stiff or sticky hair. Color Wow uses only good-for-you ingredients for clean and sulfate-free products that will leave your hair amazing!

Our amazing earth produces nutrient dense produce that can work wonders for our skin! With Skinfood you’ll get the best of both worlds! The effective use of food products developed into skincare products for your unique skin needs. Get started with their Egg White Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil that removes makeup and cleanses your skin at the same time purifying your pores.

Sensitive skin will love the Carrot Carotene Calming Water Pads that help soothe and moisturize skin. Or try the Black Sugar Perfect First Serum that hydrates and tones for deeply nourished skin! Don’t all of these Skinfood products sound amazing! I love the natural scents and products that really feel good for my skin as I’m using them.

Unique Finds for Spring

This crazy era in our world history has created some unique problems like virtual learning and new routines for families. One pick that’s great for families is dBud earplugs by Earlabs. These fit in your ear just like earbuds but instead of adding more noise to your life they help filter out some of the extra volume with an easy toggle switch to adjust the decibel reduction. Simply slide the dBuds toggle to the left or right to switch between -11dB and -24dB volume reduction.

They don’t require any batteries or cords as there are no electronic components, making them great for kids and adults alike! I have a child with some sensory processing hurdles. He doesn’t handle a lot of noise very well and being able to turn down the overall volume really helps in his behaviors and self regulation. dBuds are a great tool to help both parents and kids stay more focused on their task at hand while still being present.

If you’re looking for a fun project to support one of your hobbies or interests, look into UGears mechanical models. I love board games, so for me I was excited to see the model for a UGeras Card Holder. It’s a beautiful design that can hold a ton of cards in a compact way that makes it very useful for playing games. It was fun to put it together, though it did take some effort. I appreciated that no glue was needed and that it even has moving, working parts!

The next model I’m planning to put together is the UGears Dice Tower. It converts to individual dice rollers for 4 players or an impressive 4-story high dice tower to ensure no cheating – your dice is certainly rolled! A dice tower can really add a lot to certain boards games and I love the beautiful design of the wood gaming dice tower UGears has created!

Audible is taking the audiobook industry by storm with their huge assortment of Audible Original titles. There’s something fresh and new to listen to every month. I’ve really been enjoying the selection of Words+Music by popular artists. It’s been really interesting to hear the stories behind the songs and how the artists journey helped create their music. These are all included with your Audible membership including Alanis Morissette, Sheryl Crow, and a new audiobook by Sting called Upon Reflection!

Our family gets so much value from an Audible subscription as we listen to a huge range of books from their books included with membership, no credit needed! This month, I have Next Year in Havana (a Reese Book Club Pick) and The Coroner on my reading list. My kids love listening to audiobooks at have The Worst Warlock and Dealing with Dragons on their list to listen to next.

I’m a firm believer in having lots of books around our home. It helps to create an environment where kids are more likely to read. All 4 of my boys love to read, and will read a wide variety of books. We love Scholastic books which helps make adding to our library affordable! When got an early preview of some new titles coming to Scholastic Books this year!

All of the new titles look fantastic, but my boys are especially excited a few in particular. The Dragon Path is a graphic novel about the journey of the Wong Clan and an epic battle that ensues. In Force of Fire the main character has to learn how to control her ability of fire breathing while also working through a myriad of social and societal woes. Watch for these and additional new release titles your family is sure to love coming this year!

Spring Style Picks

The must-have fashion accessory for Spring is a Clipa bag hanger. You’ll be able to protect your purses and bags and hang them even where you might not usually have a convenient option with the help of Clipa! Simply wrap the clip around your bag strap and it’s ready for you whenever you need it. You can use it on tabletops, chairs, counters, rails, carts, headrests, fences, strollers and so many other places.

My favorite use for Clipa is for bathroom stalls when there is no hook you now have an easy option to keep your purse off the bathroom floor. I also really love how it can be used in the car to keep your purse from tipping over and it’s out of the way! If you have a passenger, you can hang it from the back of the seat instead. A Clipa bag holder can help hold items up to 33lbs including purse, backpack, diaper bag, grocery bags, camera bag, umbrellas, gym bag, and more!

Wrap bracelets are popular for a reason and with MaeMarie Intention Wraps you’ll find gorgeous individually hand-strung wraps that are made in the USA! They are most popularly worn as a bracelet but can be worn as a necklace or anklet, too! I love that MaeMarie has designed their wraps to be not only beautiful but with purpose. They encourage setting a specific intention to your wrap bracelet. Then, as you notice you wrap throughout the day or week, you’ll be reminded of your purpose or goals you have set for yourself.

I really love the Twilight Signature in this deep blue color that is so stunning! It’s accented with a signature bead in either gold or silver that compliments the wrap so well. I appreciate that they are one size fits all or custom sizing if you need it. My other favorite is the Harmony Luxe. It’s a timeless subtle purple that will go with just about everything!

Find the perfect socks for you with Thorlos! They offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee that will help you be sure to find socks your feet will love! My husband has been searching for new socks and he’s pretty pick in what he likes. With Thorlos we found two styles that he loves! We started with a search for wool socks and found the Hiking Moderate Cushion Crew Socks with 35% wool and 12% silk fibers! They’re comfortable, well cushioned, and look fantastic in navy!

He also wanted a good everyday sock and for warm days that wouldn’t overheat his feet. He settled on the PROLIGHT Ultra-Light Cushion No Show Tab. We weren’t sure if there would be enough cushioning, but they are the perfect socks! They have just the right amount of cushion in the heel and toe, a bit of compression through the middle of the foot, and lots of ventilation to be breathable. Even better, they help with cooling and moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable and prevent blisters! Shop Thorlos spring sale (ends 4/4) to get your 4th pair free!

Ditch the bulky, heavy sneakers and try out AKK Shoes that are designed to be breathable, lightweight, comfortable and durable! They offer a wide variety of shoe styles for women, men, and kids too! For my husband, we picked out the Mens Walking Tennis Shoes. They look great in all black and he’s comfortable with shoes that don’t weight down his feet!

Like these Burgundy Lace Up Sock Walking Shoes. It’s designed with an elastic, soft, heel that supports your foot but is light and flexible. It also makes it a cinch to easily get on and off holding the back loop for support. These Lace Up Sock Walking Shoes have a breathable mesh upper to give your feet space to breathe and help avoid odors. Plus, the integrated air cushion helps provide all day comfort for those who have to stand or walk much of the day.

Spring Festivities

We’re all itching to spend time together again! Whatever upcoming small gathering or events you have planned this spring, Smarty Had a Party makes elegant disposable dinnerware that can help make your party special and clean-up a cinch! When we were coordinating and helping my best friend with her wedding, we fell in love with these beautiful and affordable wedding plates packages that cover all the bases.

The bride picked out the Clear Vintage Round Disposable Plastic Wedding Value Set. The larger set includes 120 dinner plates, salad plates (perfect for the cake!), forks, spoons, knives, and 12 oz tumblers! It’s everything you need in one complete set – just pick out the perfect napkin to coordinate and you’re ready to go. Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, choose Smarty Had a Party to help make the disposable products a cinch!

If you’re ready to throw a party or host an event, check out Shindigz! They have really fun and creative backdrops, decor, and more for your upcoming events. My best friend got married last month and we searched and searched for a cute, unique and affordable wedding backdrop. They’re hard to find! We stumbled across this Fanciful Flowers Window and loved how unique it was! It was perfect for her outdoor ramada wedding venue.

Settting up the Fanciful Flowers Window was really easy. It’s two solid pieces that just slide in to support each other. You can then fancy up the window frame with the included fabric, but we decided to customize. We picked up 4 yards of a pretty off-white lace fabric and it was perfect for letting light and the backdrop show throw while still adding the same overall look to the wedding backdrop! Turn to Shindigz to find the perfect accents for your own spring parties!

You’ll really get the party started by adding the iLive Bluetooth Tailgate Party Speaker. It’s lightweight, portable, and even has wheels and a handle for easy transportation. You can listen to FM or AM radio stations or connect to your phone by Bluetooth or USB or Audio jack to connect to your favorite tunes. Then, connect a microphone (not included) to get even more use out of your new speaker. You can adjust microphone volume and echo for a unique party experience.

The Bluetooth Tailgate Party Speaker has fun LED lighting effects built in. They can transform your space and help add to the party atmosphere. It has wireless range up up to 60′ and has a battery life of 6 hours at 50% volume letting you party wire free with the built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery. It’s a budget friendly option for those who like to have a fun time!

What are you most looking forward to this spring? Which of these products do you want to try with your family?

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