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Multiply Divide & Conquer Board Game Review

This post is sponsored by da Vinci’s Room Multiply Divide & Conquer. Affiliate links are included below. All opinions are my own.

Practicing multiplication and division and memorizing math facts doesn’t have to be boring! As a mom of 4 boys ages 6-14 I’m always looking for ways to make learning more fun and engaging for my kids.

One way to make practicing math more interesting is with Multiply Divide & Conquer Cooperative Math Game.

How to Play Multiply Divide
& Conquer Board Game


1. Divide the “goo” chips into even piles of 20.

2. Roll both dice and add the two numbers together. Add one Red Magician to the tent with the matching result. Repeat for each Red Magician based on the difficulty selected.

3. Then, spread goo in the 9 spaces around and under each of the Red Magicians.

4. Start the Blue Magicians with one for each player at the Blue Castle.

How to Play:

Multiply Divide & Conquer is a game where players work together to beat the board with a battle of Blue vs Red Magicians. Players take turns alternating with the Board’s turn that will spread goo to increase the challenge.

“Once you understand numbers then the magical world of what they can do are opened to you. I hope that this game is one piece in the larger puzzle to opening a world of wonder and excitement in your life with math.”

Jesse Funk, Game Designer

Player Turn:

Each player get 3 actions from any combination, including repeating, these 5 choices:

  • Move
  • Search for an Item
  • Clear Goo
  • Battle a Red Magician
  • Battle the Castle


You roll one dice to see how many spaces you can move. You won’t be able to move through spaces with goo or boulders. My son rolled a 6, but chose to move only 5 from the starting Blue Castle and advanced a Blue magician to the #1 tent to search for an item.

Search, Clear, Battle:

Searching for an item and battles both work similarly. Roll both dice for the board first and multiply the two dice results. Then roll a second time and multiply the results again. The player wins if their results are higher than the board’s results!

Adjusting for Strength:

The board does get an advantage with a minimum strength based on how many Red Magicians are on the board or the length of the trail of goo, depending on the action.

This strength is the minimum number of the lowest dice during the board’s roll. So, for example, if you roll a 2 and a 7 but their are 4 Red Magicians on the board you would first adjust the 2, the lowest dice rolled, to a 4, which is the board’s strength for the challenge. Then, multiply!

You can adjust your own strength with an item! Then, just discard the used item after the battle. The players can collectively keep up to 3 items at any one time.

Board’s Turn:

After each player’s turn, the board gets a turn. The number of actions the board gets is based on the number of goo piles remaining. It starts easier and can get a bit crazy if you don’t keep on top of controlling the goo!

You will roll both dice and multiply the result for each action the board gets to take. Then, consult the chart and move the Red Magicians, spreading goo along the path they have moved!

Sometimes, the Red Magicians will cross over a Blue Magician’s space and trap them in goo. Other times, they might get stuck behind the Blue Magician’s castle wall and be out of the battle for good!

It’s fun a fun twist watching how the board battles back against the players and helps keep the challenge up. Since the results are random, it can lead to funny instances that made the game even more fun!

Multiply Divide & Conquer Review

My boys loved the fantasy theme of Multiply Divide & Conquer. It did feel like an RPG adventure while incorporating math in a way that just worked!

You use the dice to multiply or divide in ways that made sense and added to the games aspects instead of taking away from the game. Since it felt so integral and natural as part of the game it didn’t feel like a math game. Instead, Multiply Divide & Conquer feels like a battle and adventure game that happens to use math.

I’m always looking for ways to help my boys practice their multiplication facts because I know how important that base knowledge will help them in all other aspects of math. We love playing board games together, so this was such a natural way for us to play and have fun together while incorporating learning in a way that didn’t feel forced or boring.

We had a fun time playing and laughed quite a bit. Like when one of us would fail a roll challenge and get stuck in goo instead! We would spend our turns rescuing the other Blue Math Magicians, trying to find items, or battling and snatching that prized item one of the other players found on their turn!

I loved that the game was built on cooperation so we could rally together to overcome the challenge present by the board instead of competing and causing fights amongst each other.

Multiply Divide & Conquer did present a good challenge on both normal and hard difficultly! We spent time attempting to weave our way through the board, avoiding the goo, and battling the Magicians along the way.

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