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Camping with a Toddler

Sometimes I get an itch to go camping.  Although it is a ton of work to take a family of 7 camping, I love to get away, leave the electronics behind, and commune with nature.  Then I remember I have a 16 month old little girl….and my enthusiasm wains.

Camping with a Toddler can be a bit intimidating, but it I have a couple tips to help you leave (a little) stress behind.

  • Baby wipes, baby wipes, baby wipes.  Your toddler will get messy.  Unlike your home, dirt is absolutely everywhere.  Baby wipes help give your little one a complete wipe down and restore their dirt streaked face into the little one you actually recognize.  You can also use them to give yourself a quick wipe down, especially if there are no showers available.
  • Don’t bring any clothes that you are attached to.  Have a couple of sets of clothes with stains that you just can’t get out?  Use them for the camping trip.  Your toddler will trip and fall, better to have clothes you don’t have to worry about covered in mud.
  • Bring a food your toddler actually likes.  If you are planning a menu with something your toddler has never tried before, keep a stash of something that the like to eat, like oatmeal or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
  • Pack more diapers than you will ever think you need.
  • Pack more clothes than you think you will need.

camping with a toddlerWe had a wonderful time camping this past weekend with my 16 month old, Mischa.  She loved being able to run around and explore.  She played in the dirt, collected pine cones and pointed at the stars that she could actually see.  It was a wonderful experience, and I am so happy I stopped worrying about camping with a toddler.

What are your tips for camping with a toddler?